7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headsets for PC

7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headsets for PC

Unfortunately PC gamers are the only ones that are able to take full advantage of all the futuristic features that are found in some of our headsets in this round up. This is because many manufacturers have written their software and hardware drivers to be compatible with a select few software platforms, and many console operating systems lack the required functionality that makes 7.1 surround sound work properly. But when 7.1 Surround Sound is working, it creates virtual worlds that players can become entirely immersed in.

There are many advantages to enjoying a 7.1 Gaming Headset PC experience, and this includes superior sound quality and volume, which will give PC gamers a truly environmental sound that creates intense atmospheric gameplay that is sure to entice gamers into spending as much time as possible in game and immersed in action. The title 7.1 is a bit confusing, because there are in fact 8 channels of sound that go through the headset.

This means that there is also a subwoofer system that takes care of the bass, giving authentic and realistic sound recreation right in your ears. This is an excellent way to enjoy a personalized in ear sound experience, meaning that there can be no distractions to detract from your listening pleasure. Another great use for surround 7.1 gaming headsets on the PC are some of the audio effects that can be activated for movies and music, which creates a cinema quality sound experience.


Gaming Headset PC

The best gaming headset for PC gaming is not an easy choice to make, but it is still possible. All you need to do is find out what exactly you plan on using your 7.1 headset for. Many gamers will instantly be able to tell you the primary role that their headset plays: and that is for extreme gaming.  This is because the surround sound features and amazing sound recreation that is accomplished from a quality headset is unparalleled when compared to a traditional 2.1 surround sound system in the home.

The benefits of having surround sound in games are many, and this is perhaps why there is so much value to be had in this segment of the market, especially in our sub $100 USD test selection.  This means that for a very affordable item, PC Gamers can enjoy full 3d sound from all virtual directions, while still enjoying the privacy that a closed ear cup affords.

There are few solutions that can come close to a PC gaming headset, and when we look at our models on review, we actually see that all of the products are both PC and console compatible. The only drawback is that console gaming systems are still unable to render 7.1 surround sound.

Gaming Headset For Xbox One

Console gamers will tell you that there are few things as great as being able to play their favourite titles without having to worry about creating too much noise for the rest of the household while they enjoy their favourite gaming titles. Adding to this experience is the fact that there is crystal clear and near perfect sound reproduction that comes from the console and is transmitted to the headset, creating an amazing all round sound experience.

Communicating with friends while playing in game is also really important, as it allows players to direct one another and to also accept commands and instructions from fellow team mates. This creates a far better strategic game for anyone that wishes to engage in online multiplayer battles, which the Xbox One offers in many different genres and titles.

So whether you are a racing fan, a first person shooter or a beat ‘em up style of player, you can be sure that the right headset will really enhance your Xbox One headset gaming experience. The compatibility with Xbox One should be mentioned by your manufacturer, so if you aren’t sure then be certain to take a look at all of the detailed product specifications on the website of your favourite hardware vendor to ensure that you avoid disappointment later on.

Gaming Headset For Ps4

The PS4 offers players that enjoy gaming with the latest and greatest gaming hardware a lot of different choices. This is primarily due to the fact that there are headphone jacks that have been built into the wireless controllers on the PS4, and, because the PS4 controllers are wireless, this turns almost any headphone jack equipped headphone set into a wireless or portable item. Almost because there is a 5v USB requirement from many of the headphone sets in our review.

Meaning that the headphones will need to be plugged into a cellphone charger at the very least so that they can get the required power to activate the speakers and circuitry within the headset.  PS4 consoles can detect USB headphones, which the PS3 was not able to do in many cases, save for some brands that were compatible with the PS3, which led to some unhappiness all round.

Luckily for us, this has all been remedied, and we find ourselves with an amazing platform with loads of hardware compatibility for additional peripherals. Players will appreciate having both sound and microphone functionality coming from their PS4 gamepad, which makes the whole PS4 solution quite versatile. Playing a PlayStation with a gaming headset is a great experience that gamers will tell you is second to none in many respects.

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