A $2000 1440p Full PC Gaming Setup

A $2000 1440p Full PC Gaming Setup

This is Zach from Zach’s Tech Turf, and today we’re taking a look at full 1440p PC setup for roughly $2000. Despite the high price tag, a number of the peripherals we’ll be using aren’t crazy expensive. In fact, some of these really surprised me in terms of their sheer price to performance ratio.


Jumping straight into things, we have the Pixio PXC327 monitor. This is a massive 32-inch, 1500$ curved panel with a resolution of 2560×1440, a 165 Hz refresh rate, and FreeSync and GSync compatibility. At just over $300, these specs alone look fantastic for the price, not to mention its sleek design and minimal bezels. While the metal stand only has a little tilting adjustability, the monitor itself is VESA mounting compatible if you’re looking for that extra adjustability. Thanks to the incredible refresh rate and curvature of this monitor makes gaming a real pleasure.

However, if you’re a more competitive gamer, than you may instead be interested in the Pixio PX277P. At just $20 more than our main model, this 27-inch flat panel is rocking a 2560×1440 display, a refresh rate of 165 Hz, a 1ms response rate, FreeSync and GSync compatibility. While you won’t get the same immersion as with our curved monitor, this panel is designed to give you an edge in competitive esports. I’d recommend this just as much as our curved panel, depending on what exactly you’re looking for.


Next up, we have the Eksa E900 Pro. This gaming headset is rocking a dual audio design, capable of being connected via a USB-C to USB-A cable or simply with the 2.5mm audio jack. It has a very simple and pleasant design with ridiculously comfortable ear cushioning, making them more than viable to wear throughout longer gaming sessions. The included microphone is completely detachable, and the on-board 7.1 surround sound is particularly impressive for the low price tag of $45. The audio performance here certainly competes with many way more expensive options, in part thanks to its punchy bass. Likewise, the mic quality is also surprisingly good for the price.

For an alternative, we also have the Abko N CH60. This model is a little bulkier than our main headset and rocks an all-black design with a nice ring of RGB lighting around the ear cups. The headset features an auto adjustable headband, and the ear cups are super soft to the touch. An inline remote provides you with a ton of controls for volume on each individual channel, such as sub, center, side, etc., along with a standard mute button. The CH60 is also rocking some pretty decent 7.1 surround sound and a perfectly viable microphone, although admittedly it can be a little quiet.


Moving onto our keyboards, we have the Corsair K70 RGB TKL. This tenkeyless board is rocking some amazing build quality, with an aluminium frame and PBT double-shot keycaps. It comes with Corsair’s signature volume dial up in the right hand corner, and along with fully customizable RGB lighting, configurable via Corsair’s Icue software. This keyboard features Cherry MX RGB Red switches, although these are also available as MX Speeds or Silents. Quite possibly the biggest feature here is a dedicated tournament switch, which will disable all lighting effects and settings to prevent accidental activations during competitive situations. With this feature, you can have a perfectly loud and flashy board at home while ensuring you stay dialled-in at like likes of competitive tournaments.

For an alternative, we have the Thermaltake Argent K5 RGB keyboard. In short, this board is an absolute tank, being both incredibly heavy and extremely well-built. The standard model comes with Cherry MX Speed Silver switches, which are lightweight enough to require very little force to use. There’s a pretty unique rotary volume control knob on the side, as well as a ton of RGB options configurable through Thermaltake’s powerful iTake RGB software. This software is even capable of syncing up any other Thermaltake RGB or Razer Chroma RGB products you may have. An additional magnetic synthetic leather wrist rest also offers an extra dimension of comfort should you choose to use it. Rounding off, there’s both a USB and audio passthrough at the top of the board, which could be a great help to some users.


Up next with our gaming mouse, we have the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro, Corsair’s latest ultra-light gaming mouse, weighing in at only 74g. Its flexible and lightweight paracord cable certainly does a great job of giving the whole experience an almost wireless feel. This is an ideal starter mouse for those new to ultra-lightweight gaming mice, capable of being whipped around at speed while also evading the risk of missing headshots and weakening your competitive game. The onboard sensor is a PixArt PMW3392 with up to 18,000 DPI, and there are two additional buttons on the side, making it great for FPS or MOBA games. All of this comes under a surprisingly low MSRP of $60.

Our alternative choice is yet another Thermaltake option: the Argent M5. This gaming mouse rocks Thermaltake’s signature blocky look, with an ambidextrous design to accommodate left-handed players just as much as right-handers. This wireless mouse works with either the included 2.4GHz dongle or Bluetooth 5.0 if your rig supports it. The onboard PixArt PMW-3335 sensor has a DPI of up to 16,000, along with Thermaltake’s signature abundance of RGB options and a premium-feeling aluminium scroll wheel. With RGB turned off, you’ll be looking at a battery life of up to a whopping 200 hours.

Gaming PC

Making our way to the main event, our gaming rig is rocking an Intel i5 10600K along with 16GB of Corsair RGB Vengeance Pro SL RAM. We also have a 1GB Eagle OC RTX 3060Ti and an NZXT Kraken Z53 AIO. All of this comes in at around $1300, but the exact price depends entirely on the deals you can find on each individual component.

For some quick benchmarks, I tested our rig with the following selection of games:

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War1440pHigh162
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege1440pVery High297

Wrapping Up

A $2000 price tag for a full setup is definitely a tough pill to swallow depending on your current situation, but its actually pretty great value for money given that this is an absolute tank of a 1440p gaming setup.

Parts List:

Monitor: Pixio PXC327 (32″ 1440p 165Hz)– $310

Headset: E900 Pro – $45

Keyboard: K70 RGB TKL – $180

Mouse: Sabre RGB Pro – $60

PC Setup – Approx $1300


Pixio PX277P (27″ 1440p 165Hz) – $330

ABKONCORE CH60 Headset – $49

Thermaltake Argent K5 RGB – $190

Thermaltake Argent M5 Wireless – $100

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