ASUS RT-AX88U AX6000 Gaming Router Review

ASUS RT-AX88U AX6000 Gaming Router Review

The Importance Of Gaming Routers 

Asus is one of the major players in the gaming industry. They’re renown for their laptops, and they have their own line of gaming peripherals. On top of that, they have been pretty successful at making high-quality gaming routers

In this review, we’ll be looking at one of the newest Asus routers. The RT-AX88U is one of the best gaming routers that money can buy, and it includes several features that can make your gaming experience better than ever. 

It’s built to increase the speed of your network, and it actively ensures that your gaming data is pushed to the front of the line. It has no problem handling several devices at once. The RT-AX88U even works to protect all of your precious data with its own anti-virus software. On top of those main features, it has several other secondary features that help to round out the package as a whole. In general, it offers a lot of value for your money. 

The next few sections are dedicated to providing an in-depth analysis of the RT-AX88U’s most noticeable features. At the end, we’ll provide a short recap of those features, and we’ll explain why we like it so much. Without any further delay, let’s get to the review. 

One of the Fastest WiFi Speeds 

If you play on a busy network, you probably experience a lot of lag. A lot of that is due to your router not being able to handle the amount of information being passed through it. It’s just not fast enough. 

The RT-AX88U has one of the fastest WiFi speeds available. At its peak, the router can reach speeds of 6000Mbps. That is insanely fast. While most gaming routers  and WiFi adapters max out at around 3 gigabytes per second, the RT-AX88U can handle up to 6. You’re unlikely to even need that much speed. However, it’s there if you need it, and it’ll greatly increase the quality of your online gaming. 

Multiple Devices Are No Problem 

If the high WiFi speed didn’t tip you off, the RT-AX88U is designed to handle a lot. To increase its abilities when overloaded with multiple devices, Asus has combined the latest MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology to make the RT-AX88U capable of handling more than four times the standard amount of connections. You won’t have to worry about your kids, wife, and guests ruining your gaming experience. 

Prioritized Gaming 

The leading router manufacturers are learning, and they’ve began to prioritize gaming over less important computing tasks. The RT-AX88U prioritizes all of the data packets from your games, and that makes your games run faster than ever when you use it. This is all thanks to Adaptive QoS technology from Asus. 


If you’re in America, and your game’s server is in the UK, you’ll experience a lot of lag when you play. It takes too long for information to be transferred back and forth. With most standard routers, there isn’t anything that you can do about that. Asus has a solution, though. 

WTFast technology is included with the RT-AX88U. WTFast works to find the closest possible server, and it connects you to it automatically. That ensures that you only play on servers that will allow you to play your games smoothly. 

It’s the Most Secure 

Other gaming routers offer a number of security features, but they rarely ever offer anything special. Asus has taken a different route. 

Asus has added a lifetime subscription to AiProtection Pro to the RT-AX88U. AiProtection Pro is commercial-grade anti-virus software, and it’s leagues above the software included with other gaming routers. 

AiProtection Pro updates itself automatically, and it actively works to protect you from the worst threats on the internet. If that isn’t enough, it allows you to easily protect your kids. It includes built-in parental controls, and it lets you block individual web pages with the click of a button. 

Unparalleled LAN Party Potential 

Most routers have one or two ethernet ports. The standard amount of ports on a gaming router is 4. The RT-AX88U takes things a step further, and it includes a whopping 8 ethernet ports. This makes it perfect for LAN parties, and it’s more than enough to make a wired connection to every computer in your home. Asus was extremely generous by adding 8 ports, and most people won’t even need that many. However, they’re there if you want to use them. 

AiMesh Compatible 

Asus knows that all routers will have issues covering every inch of your home. That’s why they created AiMesh. 

Your Asus router should be able to reach the farthest parts of your home, but it’s impossible to guarantee that there won’t be any blind spots with poor coverage. Instead of buying new routers, setting up separate networks, and remembering all of the passwords, you can simply connect a few Asus routers. That allows you to cover your entire home with one network. 

1.8Ghz Quad Core CPU 

The CPU in the RT-AX88U can rival most gaming computers. It’s that powerful. It’s a quad core CPU, and it can run at 1.8Ghz. That can provide you with more speed than you ever thought imaginable, and it’s a lot faster than most other routers that you can buy. 


The Asus RT-AX88U is extremely advanced. It takes the standards of most gaming routers, and it improves upon them. It has twice as many ethernet ports, power, and bandwidth capabilities than the vast majority of gaming routers on the market. On top of that, it offers the ability to prioritize your gaming over everything else that you might be doing online. If that isn’t enough, it keeps you safe, and it lets you protect your kids from viewing inappropriate websites. 

In general, it’s one of the best gaming routers that money can buy. The gaming industry is always evolving, and a better router might come out, but this is an option that will last for years to come, and it can hold its own against the best systems available.

ModelRT-AX88U AX6000


  • 6000 Mbps
  • 802.11Ax
  • 1.8Ghz Quad Core CPU 
  • AiMesh Compatible 
  • 8x Ethernet Ports
  • 4x Antennas
  • WTFast
  • Prioritized Gaming 


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