Best 3D Prints for the Everyday Gamer

Best 3D Prints for the Everyday Gamer

Remember the days of having to go to the store every time you wanted to spruce up your gaming room? Or, if you weren’t going to the store, you popped on Amazon and did some creative searching. Well, those days may be slowly coming to an end for some, thanks to the advent of 3D printing. Sure, it may never become a common household practice, but for those of us that want creative solutions to those gamer dilemmas, it’s quite an appealing option.

Whether you’re a gamer equipped with a 3D printer or are trying to justify purchasing one, I’ve scoured the Internet for some models and designs that can completely change your gaming setup. Take a gander below and marvel at the wonders 3D printing has given us!

Looking for a 3d printer on a budget? Check out these top sub $300 3d printers.

Question Block Nintendo Switch Cartridge Case

The age of downloading games has certainly changed how we store our library of games. Where we once stockpiled plastic cases on shelving, our terabyte hard drives have become the primary means of media storage. However, there are purists out there that still love getting their hands on a physical copy. And Switch owners that may enjoy collecting cartridges can turn to this 3D printed Question Block. The recognizable yellow block doesn’t dole out coins when hit but instead serves as a storage case for Switch cartridges and micro SD cards. This 3D print allows for six Switch cartridges and six micro SD cards. While that may sound like overkill for SD cards, the Switch’s store is full of indie and AAA titles that can quickly fill up space.

Xbox One/Series X Steering Wheel

Want to turn your Xbox controller into a functional steering wheel? Here’s the file to do so! The apparatus may look complicated, but it’s ultimately a clip that attaches to your Xbox One or Series X controller and connects to your left thumbstick. You’ll still have full access to your face and shoulder buttons while the wheel gives you more fluid control over turning. Long gone are the days of awkward turns and jerky drifts with this steering wheel. Though it says it’s for wired controllers, the only disadvantage of using it with wireless is that you’ll need to pop it off to access the battery pack – but it’s unlikely that this will be a permanent accessory anyway!

DualShock / DualSense Wall Holder

Show your PlayStation fandom while saving space in your entertainment center! Wall-mounting is both a great way to declutter your gaming area and pay tribute to your favorite gaming brand. This PlayStation logo mount is simple, won’t take up much wall space, and includes a hook for your DualShock 4 or DualSense controller. Two screw holes are enough to keep this piece in place, so installation is quick and easy. You can even print as many as you need to store all of your PlayStation brand controllers!

Wall-Mounted Oculus Controller Holder

The Oculus controllers, regardless of which unit you own, sport a relatively awkward design that can make storage a little difficult. No matter how you lay them, it just looks off. The only place they really look good is in your hands – so why not mount your hands to the wall as storage? With a quick scan, you can turn your hands into a unique and functional storage space for your Oculus controllers. You’ll want a scanner if you want to 3D print your own hands, or you can print right from this file. Regardless, you’ll be left with a conversation piece that helps keep your Oculus controllers safe without taking up much space.

Wall-Mounted Game Case Holder

Sticking with the theme of clean aesthetics, what if you could store all of your Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch game cases in one wall-mounted space? That’s the perk of this storage shelf! It’s an incredibly straightforward design that can be tailored to match whatever color scheme you’re looking to follow. How many cases you can fit will vary depending on which console you own, but the shelf can be duplicated to create a stacked design flanked by your wall-mounted controllers.

Big Thumbs Xbox Joysticks

What’s the point of making your thumbsticks bigger? While the taller design may look awkward, you’ll be surprised how much they can change your aim in first-person shooters. With the extended joystick, you’ll have a greater and smoother range of motion, making it easier for you to line up your shots. Joystick extenders are available through local retailers, but it’s so much easier to print your own. This way, you can also adjust and shave down some height if you feel like they’re too tall.

Headset/Headphone Stand

Two 3D-printed pieces is all it takes to give your headphones a cozy place to sit. Rather than throwing them on the floor and hoping a vacuum cleaner doesn’t find them, this file is for a stand that should fit most headphones or gaming headsets. But what about the wire, you ask? There is an empty space at the top of the stand where a neatly coiled wire could sit. Print the stand in any color of your choice to match your favorite console (blue for PlayStation, green for Xbox, or red for Switch).

Stackable Battery Holder

Though batteries have mostly been phased out of gaming (don’t worry, Xbox owners, I didn’t forget about you!), it’s always nice to have batteries around the house should a peripheral or accessory require them. Typically, you probably have a draw full of new and half-used batteries of all sizes, with no way to discern among any of them. This 3D print file is for a series of stackable battery holders, complete with a convenient delivery system and an unmistakable label. Even if you only ever need one type, the holder ensures you always know how many you have left.

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