Best Accessories to Amplify Your Laptop Gaming Experience

Best Accessories to Amplify Your Laptop Gaming Experience

It’s not easy being a laptop gamer. I know first-hand the sideways glances and ridicule from desktop gamers, the higher price tags, and the constant struggle to hear a game over the whir of your fan. But a gaming laptop, with all of its pitfalls, is sometimes the most convenient (or only) option. While it’s sometimes not the best gaming apparatus, some accessories can certainly elevate your experience.

Below are essential and luxury peripherals that every laptop gamer should own. Some provide comfort, others can enhance gameplay, and some just ensure you can game for longer. For many of the categories listed below, I’ll be providing an overview of each item along with recommended products that will amplify your laptop gaming experience.

Laptop Fan/Cooling Pad

One of the biggest pitfalls of being a laptop gamer is excessive heat. Laptops simply aren’t made to handle high-powered gaming, and that’s quite notable by just how loud the fans typically are. Even overboosted, your laptop fan may struggle to cool your unit, especially while playing demanding titles. To combat this, consider purchasing a laptop fan or cooling pad. These convenient units slip underneath your laptop, typically plug into a USB slot, and blow cool air at the underside of your portable gaming rig.

As of 2022, you’ll want to keep an eye on:

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB – See Price on Amazon
Costly, but the 200mm fan and RGB lighting are hard to pass up

TopMate C5 Laptop Cooler – See Price on Amazon
A quintet of fans, LCD screen, and blue LEDs are a surprise for this affordable option

Targus Chill Mat – See Price on Amazon
Appealing price, slim, and equipped with four USB ports

Wireless Gaming Mouse

Have you ever tried to play any PC game with a trackpad? It’s not a fun experience. Even simple games like Hearthstone can get dicey when relying on the integrated mouse. A wireless gaming mouse is essential to laptop gaming. They range from super simple to more complex with multiple programmable buttons. The key is to find one with features you want, like adjustable DPI, with a design that’s comfortable for your hand.

As of 2022, you’ll want to keep an eye on:

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless – See Price on Amazon
Highly customizable and lightweight with a sleek, comfortable design at a heftier price tag

Logitech G305 Lightspeed – See Price on Amazon
Save a few bucks and remove a few features while still enjoying Logitech’s high-quality build

Razer Basilisk Ultimate – See Price on Amazon
Impressive battery life, ample comfort, and a charging dock justify the price tag

Gaming Controller

Maybe you’re used to console gaming and can’t perform well without a controller. Gaming controllers offer a different experience than a mouse and keyboard, with thumbsticks, trigger buttons, D-pads, and more to emulate console gaming. With modern consoles, you can utilize your PlayStation or Microsoft controllers via Bluetooth. Though the first-party controllers are comfortable and of higher quality, companies like Logitech feature more affordable options that are much nicer on your wallet.

As of 2022, you’ll want to keep an eye on:

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – See Price on Amazon
Microsoft’s attention to detail, ample customization, and a separate USB-C charging dock make it easier to ignore the price

Sony DualSense Wireless Controller – See Price on Amazon
Sacrifice battery for adaptive triggers, haptic rumble, and smooth thumbstick controls

PowerA Spectra – See Price on Amazon
A welcoming price tag, a familiar design, and integrated lighting make this one hard to pass up

Laptop Bag/Carry Case

The reason you’re invested in laptop gaming is likely because you’re often on the go. If that’s the case, you’ll want an accessory that keeps your gaming belongings safe and secure. A laptop bag can be just small enough to barely fit your laptop or spacious enough to fit a whole gaming setup, from wireless apparatus to cooling fans.

Find a bag that’s just big enough to fit all of your peripherals and accessories without sacrificing comfort. Don’t forget, you’ll have to carry this thing around – and depending on your travel arrangements, a bag that’s too big can really cause a hassle.

Since the best laptop carrying case is really dependant on what you’re lugging around, I’ll leave you with this – the most important features are portability, space, and durability.

Gaming Headset

Another common issue with laptop gaming is the sound. It’s not that laptops can’t have a good set of speakers. It’s just that the fan is often so loud, it drowns out your game. A gaming headset will rectify this for you, ensuring you hear nothing but the sweet sounds of video game entertainment.

Headsets are available in wired and wireless options and can run anywhere from $20 to over $150. You definitely want cushioned ear covers and, if you’re multiplayer gaming, a mic that won’t pick up every sound imaginable. You’ll also be choosing between a USB or 3.5mm plug, but which you decide on really depends on the quality of your onboard soundcard. If you already know it’s not great then USB is the route to go.

As of 2022, you’ll want to keep an eye on:

Razer Blackshark V2 (Wired) – See Price on Amazon
A relatively reasonable price tag accompanied by comfort and crystal clear audio

Steelseries Arctis 9X (Wireless) – See Price on Amazon
Try not to get caught up on the price and enjoy the comfortable headband, clear gaming sound, and simple Bluetooth connectivity

Razer Kraken X (Wired) – See Price on Amazon
A budget option with 7.1 virtual surround sound and very comfortable earpieces

External Battery/Power Bank

What if you want to game but aren’t near a wall outlet? Anyone that owns a laptop knows that the battery life is nothing to tout. Even running basic programs can drain your battery in just a few hours. So, you know a video game is going to eat it up rather quickly. The alternative to not gaming when you can’t plug directly into a wall outlet is to bring your own power source.

They’re nowhere near as convenient as plugging into an outlet, but an external battery or power bank will get you a bit more game time. There are a few issues with these accessories, such as they need to be charged. So if you drain the power bank and still have nowhere to plug into, you’ll be stuck with the laptop’s onboard battery.

Unlike most of the peripherals on this list, expect to spend quite a pretty penny on an external power source. It’s quite possible that anything under $100 won’t be enough to give you any substantial game time.

As of 2022, you’ll want to keep an eye on:

MaxOak Laptop Power Bank – See Price on Amazon
Ample compatibility and multiple USB ports may negate that it’s not TSA approved

RAVPower Portable Battery Pack ( 30,000 mAH ) – See Price on Amazon
30,000 mAH and an included carrying case will take you far

RAVPower Portable Battery Pack ( 20,000 mAH ) – See Price on Amazon
Get out of the $100 range with 20,000 mAH and a somewhat bulky design

Most Importantly…

Remember that laptop gaming is simply not the ideal means of enjoying PC games. While it’s possible to make it a comfortable and suitable experience, you’re almost always combatting something obstacle. But if you set your expectations and purchase the proper equipment, you’ll certainly be sinking plenty of time into your favorite PC titles.

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