10 Best Hiking Camera in 2022

10 Best Hiking Camera in 2022

If you’re an avid hiker or backpacker who wants to capture some great images of your adventures, then you’re probably interested in buying the best hiking camera you can find. But with so many choices out there, from easy-to-use point-and-shoots to mirrorless models to full-frame DLSR cameras, choosing the product that’s right for you can be tough. You also have to consider durability, and whether purchasing a camera that’s weather-sealed or one that offers higher-performance is more important to you.

And that’s before we even get into the vastly different prices that some of these models cost. When you take all of these factors into account, choosing the compact or DSLR that’s best for you can be incredibly confusing. That’s why we did the work for you. In our review of the 10 best cams for backpacking and hiking of 2022, we examine the best cameras out there so you don’t have to. After reading our list of the best camera products on the market for hikers, you’re going to be able to decide which model is right for you. If you are looking for a point and shoot that you can use for YouTube Vlogging.

The Best Cameras for Hiking & Backpacking

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V Camera
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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera
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Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera
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Nikon D810 FX-Format
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Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Camera Bundle
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Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Camera
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Sony a7R II Full-frame Mirrorless Camera
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Ricoh GR II Digital Camera
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Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II
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Nikon D7500 DX-Format
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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V Camera

The Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V is one of the best point-and-shoot models on the market today. Compact and easy-to-use, this versatile camera is capable of capturing terrific stills and videos and comes with loaded with some very impressive features. The RX100 V camera comes with a large 20.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor that’s capable of impressive low-light, low-noise performance. With the world’s fastest autofocus speed, an astounding 0.05 seconds, and the world’s fastest continuous shooting speed, 24 frames per second, this high-end point-and-shoot camera offers a best-in-class 315-point phase detection AF.

Pair the exceptional sensor and autofocus features with the ability to record 4K video and an electronic viewfinder and the Sony RX100 V offers everything you need in a camera. Sony even designed this camera to capture high-quality 8MP stills from 4K video and 2MP images from Full HD video during playback so that you can easily extract fantastic photos from any recordings you take while on the trails.

The Sony RX100 V is one of the best options on the market today. It offers some of the features and the high-performance ability that you’d expect from DSLR or mirrorless models while providing the simplicity and ease-of-use that you’d expect from a compact point-and-shoot. With a best-in-class AF system, 4K video, and the ability to capture crisp, vivid, high-resolution images, it’s simply one of the best cameras out there for outdoor enthusiasts.

Optical Zoom3.6x
LensZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T*
Weight0.6 lbs
Screen3 inch Flip Screen


  • Capable of shooting 24 fps
  • Full HD and 4K video recording capability
  • Amazing 315-point phase detection autofocus system
  • Ability to capture high-quality still images from video during playback
  • 20.1 Megapixel Exmor RS illuminated CMOS sensor with DRAM for enhanced efficiency, performance, and speed


Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera

One of the best premium cameras out there, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera is perfect for capturing truly breathtaking images and videos while enjoying the great outdoors. With unrivaled autofocus, shooting speed, 4K video, and one of the highest resolution LCD touchscreens on the market, this feature-packed DSLR camera is one of the best models in its class. With a large 30.4 Megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, the 5D Mark IV is incredibly versatile and offers a continuous shooting speed of up to 7 frames per second and is perfect for taking high-resolution, professional landscape, nature, and portrait photography.

With an ISO range of 100 to 3200, expandable to 102400, this camera is capable of achieving terrific low-light, low-noise performance. And its 61-point AF system boasts 41 cross-points for exceptional vertical coverage. And if you want to capture some beautiful video while you’re enjoying nature, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is capable of 4K video recording at 30p or 24p and even offers the ability to extract high-quality 8.8MP still images during video playback. And with built-in Wi-Fi, NPC, and GPS, along with a host of other useful features, this camera is incredibly versatile.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a truly reliable workhorse that offers high-performance and top-of-the-line features. At around $4,000, it’s certainly a premium choice but its performance is unrivaled and if you’re looking for a professional-grade option, this is the only device you’ll ever need. With spectacular image quality at both high and low ISOs, it’s capable of producing amazingly crisp, detailed videos and still photos in practically any outdoor condition. Fast and versatile, this model offers a fantastic responsive autofocus system and is loaded with features that make it one of the best options available for both filmmakers and still photographers.

Optical Zoom1x
LensEF 24-105mm
Weight1.8 lbs
Screen3.2 Inch Touch Screen


  • Excellent 4K video quality
  • Fast AF with 61-points and 41 cross-points
  • Exceptional image quality and color accuracy
  • Impressively high ISO performance for high-performance in any light condition
  • Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus offers better Live View and video AF than rival DSLRs


Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera

While it’s often better to focus on purchasing an item that offers high-performance and a large image sensor rather than paying for a model with a small sensor with a rugged weather-sealed housing, the Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera is one of the best weatherproof models on the market today and is a terrific option for anyone planning on taking photos while hiking in bad weather conditions. The point-and-shoot TG-5 camera offers a 12 Megapixel Hi-Speed Image Sensor for improved low-light performance and noise reduction and a Dual Quad Core TruePic VIII Image Processor.

It’s capable of capturing quality images and 4K videos and even offers a 25-100mm zoom range which is much wider than the range offered by other cameras in its class. And its ability to offer a maximum aperture of f/2 makes it capable of tackling both low-light and underwater photography with ease. But where the TG-5 really shines is how it leverages its performance with an incredibly rugged design.

This camera is waterproof to 50 feet, dustproof, shockproof, crushproof to 220 pounds of force, freeze-proof to 14 degrees, and comes with an impressive anti-fog lens. Even the most adventurous outdoor adventure can be captured with amazing detail and clarity. And with a field sensor system offering GPS, compass, temperature, and manometer sensors, it comes with more than enough useful features to keep even semi-pros happy.

Built to last and completely weatherproof, the waterproof TG-5 is practically indestructible so you never have to worry about the weather. Plus, it also offers a best-in-class zoom, fantastic low-light and underwater performance, and can even record in 4K. This is one of the few hiking models out there that blends toughness with high-performance.

Optical Zoom3x
LensEF 4.5 ‑ 18.0mm
Weight0.55 lbs
Screen3 Inch LCD


  • Best-in-class 25-100mm zoom range
  • Max aperture of f/2 for reliable low-light
  • Capable of recording 4K video and taking RAW still shots at 20 fps
  • Added features include GPS, compass, temperature, manometer sensors
  • Unrivaled rugged design that is capable of withstanding water, shocks, fog, dust, and even freezing temperatures


Nikon D810 FX-Format

The D810 camera is Nikon’s leading DSLR and is one of the best cameras for hikers who are looking for a premium camera. It offers outstanding high-resolution images and videos, tons of features, a dynamic range, and impressive speed. The D810 DSLR offers a 36.3 Megapixel FX-format full-frame image sensor with the EXPEED 4 processor for capturing amazingly detailed, noise-free images from ISO 64 to 12,800.

Not only does it take jaw-dropping still photos but it’s also capable of recording cinematic-quality videos at Full HD 1080p. A 51-point autofocus system with 3D Color Matrix metering III with a 91,000 RGB sensor means everything you shoot while hiking will be crisp, vivid, and true-to-life. With impressive low-light performance and an ISO Auto Adjust feature, you can quickly move between light and dark scenes without making any iris or frame-rate adjustments.

And if you want to change your shot’s depth of field, the D810 offers power iris control. Capable of capturing images at 5 fps at full resolution and 5:4 crop mode, 6 fps in 1:2 crop mode, and 7 fps at DX-crop mode, this versatile model offers astounding speed and is perfect for capturing awe-inspiring landscape, action, or nature photos while hiking.

The Nikon D810 is one of the most impressive cameras in its class and is perfect for anyone looking for amazing image quality, video quality, and the features and specs you’d expect from a premium DSLR. With an impressive 36.3MP sensor, fast processor, and one of the highest low-light capabilities around, it’s capable of producing professional-grade photos and videos in any outdoor situation. And thanks to Nikkor’s wide-assortment of FX-compatible lenses, this is truly the only model that you’ll ever need to take with you when you’re outdoors.

Optical Zoom5x
Lens24-120mm Lens Kit
Weight1.94 lbs
Screen3.2 Inch


  • Large 36.3 Megapixel FX-format full-frame image sensor
  • Vibration and noise-free with excellent performance from ISO 64 to 12,800
  • True cinema-quality video at Full HD 1080p and still images with amazingly detailed high-resolution
  • 51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors, 11 of which can work up to f/8


Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Camera Bundle

If you’re looking for one of the top cameras for travelling, a mirrorless model might be the right choice for you. These amazing cameras are ideal for hiking and backpacking use because they combine large sensors with compact bodies, allowing them to provide better image quality than a point-and-shoot while being less cumbersome than a bulky DSLR model. If this sounds good to you, then the Sony Alpha a6300 is one of the best cameras on the market. With a large 24.2 Megapixel APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor with accelerated readout, the a6300 camera delivers consistently colorful, lush, and clear images regardless of setting.

And thanks to the fastest autofocus system on the market, capable of adjustments at 0.05 seconds, you’ll never risk missing the perfect shot. And if you’re interested in taking video while you’re hiking, you’ll be happy to hear that the a6300 is capable of recording amazing 4K video which, from a 20MP area of the sensor, is actually capable of filming at the equivalent of 6K with full pixel readout and no pixel binning.

This translates to true, cinema-quality video with amazing detail and resolution. Sony designed the a6300 camera to be durable as well, making it an even better option for hiking, even in the toughest conditions. With a sturdy magnesium body and a sticky handgrip, you can rest assured that this impressive mirrorless model will withstand even the toughest trail.

With the a6300, Sony offers a model that is perfect for capturing visually stunning, high-resolution images and videos while hiking. A durable magnesium body allows you to worry less about the weather and more about your next shot. And with the still photo performance and 4K video capability that you’d normally expect to find in bulkier DSLR models, this compact mirrorless camera is the perfect hiking model since it can be easily stowed away in your pocket or backpack.

Optical Zoom55x
Lens16-50mm & 55-210mm Lenses
Weight0.75 lbs ( Camera only )
Screen3.0 Inch TFT LCD


  • 24.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor
  • 425-phase detection points for 4D Focus AF
  • Capable of shooting 4K (Ultra HD) video with a 6K equivalent
  • Built-on Wi-Fi and NFC connection
  • Moisture and dustproof magnesium body for added protection and durability


Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Camera

If you’re looking for one of the best mirrorless cameras for hikers on the market today, a great option is the Fujifilm X-T2 camera. Fujifilm mirrorless cameras are noted for their ability to offer exceptional image quality and the truest color rendition on the market. And with the best autofocus system ever developed by Fujifilm, this camera is capable of capturing truly stunning nature, landscape, or portrait photos while you’re hiking, as well as amazingly clear 4K video.

With a 24.3 Megapixel X-Trans CMOS III APS-C sensor, the X-T2 offers improved image quality, reducing false colors while achieving lower noise and faster AF and response times. And thanks to its Film Simulation modes, you can switch to different color tones and rich gradations as if you were physically swapping out films. This feature offers 15 modes including PROVIA and Velvia for vivid color reproduction as well as ACROS for finely-detailed monochromatic images or videos.

Speaking of video, the X-T2 camera is capable of capturing 4K 30p, 25p, and 24p and Full HD 1080/60p, 50p, and 24p videos for exceptional artifact-free movies. And if you plan on hiking in extreme elements, you’ll be happy to know that this compact mirrorless camera products moisture and dust-resistance body features 63 points of weather sealing as well as a freeze resistance of up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Fujifilm X-T2 is one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market and is perfect for anyone looking for a well-designed, easy-to-carry hiking model that offers stunning image and video quality. This camera is one of the top performers out there for handling color and tone curves. So if you’re looking for a hiking camera that produces vibrant images with true-to-life color, this device is a perfect for you. Plus, if you plan on hiking in harsh outdoor elements, the durable X-T2 is cold, moisture, and dust resistant and features 63 points of weather sealing, ensuring that you’ll be using it for years to come.

Optical Zoom1x
Weight1.1 lbs ( Camera only )
Screen3.0 Inch LCD


  • Very fast and reliable autofocus system
  • Terrific, high-resolution image and video quality
  • One of the best cameras for true color rendition
  • X-Trans CMOS sensor
  • Durable model with 63 points of weather sealing


Sony a7R II Full-frame Mirrorless Camera

The Sony a7R II camera isn’t only one of the best choices for anyone looking for to capture their hiking & backpacking adventures, it’s also one of the most impressive mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras available on the market. With a compact size, you might not expect much from this powerhouse but there’s a reason why this kit comes in at over $3,000. It’s because it can take on practically anything and delivers amazing results.

The a7R camera boasts a whopping 42.4 Megapixel full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor for unparalleled performance. And with built-in 5-axis in-body image stabilization, you can count on stunningly clear, beautiful still photos in any lighting condition. For hiking video enthusiasts, this model also records at 4K with full pixel readout and no pixel binning, delivering cinema-quality movies.

While expensive, this fantastic mirrorless camera is one of the best performers out there and is actually cheaper than comparable full-frame DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark IV and Nikon D850. Plus, it is weather-sealed for added durability while hiking in any weather condition and comes with a reinforced lens mount that allows you to use a variety of lenses including Nikon and Canon lenses for amazing versatility.

One of the most impressive interchangeable-lens mirrorless cameras available today, the Sony a7R is a professional’s dream come true and is perfect for anyone who wants pro-quality image and video results in a package that is more affordable and compact that comparable DSLRs. With true-to-life, high-resolution photo and 4K video cap ability, this model offers one of the largest image sensors at this price range. Add all this to a lightweight, weather-sealed body and you have one of the best hiking cameras on the market today.

Optical Zoom1x
Lens24-70mm f/4 Vario-Tessar
Weight1.38 lbs Camera only )
Screen3.0 Inch LCD


  • Incredibly large, high-resolution 42.4MP CMOS full-frame sensor
  • More affordable than comparable full-frame DSLRs on the market
  • In-body image stabilization
  • Weather sealing for dust and moisture resistance
  • Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity for easy image and video sharing


Ricoh GR II Digital Camera

The Ricoh GR II camera is a compact point-and-shoot hiking camera that weighs less than 8 ounces while offering a huge DSLR-size image sensor. At under $600, these cameras are perfect for hiking because of their light weight, ability to take high-resolution, color-rich pictures, and compact size. The GR II is features a wide-angle lens and a large 16Megapixel APS-C image sensor while being one of the smallest cameras in its class.

Offering high-sensitivity shooting with low noise, the GR II is also able to produce extremely high resolution photos with vivid colors thanks to its anti-aliasing filter-less design. And for hiking video buffs, this device is also capable of shooting Full HD video at 1080p at 30 fps.

Additional features of this camera include the Autofocus system which stays active with movement, constantly focusing on the subjects in the center of its view. And with Wi-Fi and NFC connections, the GR II can easily sync up to your mobile device or tablet for easy image and video sharing and storage.

Simple and remarkably easy-to-use, the Ricoh GR II is one of the top hiking point-and-shoot cameras. It’s easy to handle and can fit in your backpack without weighing you down. Packing a DSLR-size image sensor, it’s capable of producing incredibly vivid, professional-grade images and videos, making it perfect for portraits, landscape, and nature photography when you’re hiking. While this model lacks the ability to zoom, it more than makes up for that with its impressive high-sensitivity performance and is ideal for anyone looking for a simple camera that offers professional results.

Optical Zoom1x
LensGR Lens eq. to 28mm
Weight0.48 lbs
Screen3.0 Inch LCD


  • Incredibly lightweight and compact for easy travel and storage
  • At 28mm, the Ricoh GR II produces the best still images in its class
  • Capable of Full HD video shooting at 1080p
  • Autofocus system automatically tracks and focuses on your subject
  • Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity for pairing with your smartphone or tablet


Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

This Olympus camera makes our list of the top 10 hiking cameras with the OM-D E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless Camera. This is a very impressive mirrorless model that really takes advantage of the Micro Four Thirds system. With tons of features and the capability of capturing astonishingly detailed, vivid stills and videos, this lightweight model is one of the most popular models out there. With a 20.4 Megapixel Live MOS sensor and TruePic VIII Quad Core Image Processor.

This powerhouse captures 60 frames per second with S-AF tracking and 18 fps with C-AF on silent electronic shutter and 15 fps S-AF, 10 fps C-AF with the mechanical shutter. This Olympus mirrorless model also offers and incredible autofocus system with a 121-point Dual Fast AF with Cross-Type On-Chip Phase detection. Plus, its 5-axis stabilization system allows you to record amazingly smooth cinema-quality 4K video without the use of a tripod.

The E-M1 Mark II features tons of bells and whistles including High Res Shit Mode which captures 8 consecutive shots in a second, compositing the images into an ultra-high resolution shot. Plus, if you’re planning on hiking in rough conditions, this model is built from hermetically-sealed metal that is dustproof, splash proof, and freeze proof down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

One of the most impressive hiking cameras on the market, the E-M1 Mark II is perfect for capturing wildlife, portrait, and landscape videos and stills. With superior weather-sealing and a High-Res Shot mode that produces rich, detailed photos, you’ll be amazed at both the durability and performance that this model offers. And thanks to the small size and light weight of the MFT system, it won’t weigh you down even when hiking the most demanding of trails.

Optical Zoom1x
Weight1.26 lbs
Screen3.0 Inch Flip Screen


  • Incredible in-camera stabilization system
  • High-resolution photos and videos
  • Fast performance and autofocus with 121-point AF phase detection
  • Weather-sealed model is perfect for braving the elements
  • Ability to use professional-grade Olympus lenses for amazing results


Nikon D7500 DX-Format

The Nikon D7500 camera is one of the smartest options for anyone interested in buying a high-performance DSLR camera. With impressive image and video quality, ISO range, and tons of bells and whistles, it’s a serious camera for anyone looking to capture amazing, high-resolution landscape and nature scenes. With a 20.9 Megapixel DX-format image sensor and EXPEED 5 image processor, the D7500 is capable of tackling virtually any task quickly while delivering exceptionally vivid results.

With its 51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors and group-area AF combined with the ability to continuously shoot up to 8 fps of RAW shots, the D7500 locks onto your target and performs incredibly fast so you never miss a shot. And for those of you interested in video, the D7500 is capable of capturing 4K Ultra HD and 1080p Full HD videos with full stereo sound, auto ISO, Time-Lapse, and power aperture control.

Colors and details have never been richer, thanks to the 180,000 pixel RGB sensor that Nikon packed into this powerhouse which detects human faces and offers improved autofocus performance during high-speed shooting. And with the ability to connect to the SnapBridge app, you can easily store your photos and videos to your smartphone or tablet and even operate your camera remotely. Add all this to a monocoque design and superb weather-sealing that’s designed to withstand dust, moisture, and abuse, and you have an incredibly durable camera that’s perfect for taking with you on any hike.

For anyone interested in one of the most impressive DLSR cameras out there for outdoor photography, the Nikon D7500 is perfect. Capable of capturing stunning professional-grade photos and videos, this model also features an amazing autofocus system, high-speed performance, easy connectivity to your phone or tablet, and terrific low-light capabilities. Plus, thanks to its weather-sealed design, it’s perfect for tackling practically any outdoor condition.

Optical Zoom5x
LensNIKKOR 18-140mm
Weight1.66 lbs
Screen3.2 Inch Flip Screen


  • 20.9MP DX-Format sensor with EXPEED 5 image processor
  • Weather-sealed and durable body that can withstand the elements and heavy use
  • Full HD and 4K video recording capability
  • Impressive autofocus system and high-speed performance
  • Incredible high-resolution photos even at higher ISO ranges


Buyers Guide Questions

Are All Hiking Cameras Waterproof?

Before you go out and buy your camera, it’s important to know that not every model is waterproof. Just like anything else, hiking cameras come in a variety of styles. Some offer no protection while others offer a waterproof, weather-sealed, or water-resistant design. If you’re looking for a model that does offer some protection from the elements, it’s important to understand that waterproof, weather-sealed, and water-resistant are not the same thing.

Waterproof cameras are sealed in a protective housing that allows them to actually be submerged in water, often up to 30 feet in depth. These are built to prevent any water from seeping into the inner mechanisms of the device, allowing you to capture unique, underwater shots as well as to operate in heavy snow or rain without any fear that you might be damaging your product. Water-resistant models are different. These cameras are built to withstand accidental or minimal exposure to water.

So if you’re worried about having your device out in light rain or snow or that you child might accidentally spill something on your camera, these models are perfect. You won’t be able to actually submerge your water-resistant device and if you are operating in heavy rain, it’s still advised that you take some extra care to prevent water from seeping into any seams in the device. Normally, a simple dry bag is more than enough to protect these models from the harshest of outdoor elements.

Weather-sealed models take the worry out of using your device in even the harshest outdoor elements. These models are sealed to prevent any moisture, dust, or freezing conditions to damage the inner workings of the device. While some of these cameras also offer waterproof protection, it’s important to make sure that the specific model you are using was actually designed to be fully submerged in water for extended periods of time (click here to find a smartwatch to keep track).

This is because, in terms of design, there’s a big difference between a camera being able to withstand a downpour versus being able to operate 30 feet under water. If you’re looking for a compact, and a waterproof product that is weather-sealed and can be operated at depths up to 50 feet, the Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera is a perfect, affordable option that is incredibly versatile and durable, while still being capable of producing very impressive results.

What is a Good Hiking Camera Strap?

Just like the lens that originally came with your new hiking camera, the strap that’s included might be good enough to use when you are first getting started but eventually you’ll need an upgrade. A camera strap is essential when you are carrying your compact or DSLR with you during your hike. It’s not practical to carry your device by hand during long hikes and keeping it stowed away in your backpack or pocket means that you’ll have to take it out whenever inspiration strikes. But straps keep cameras accessible, resting comfortably at your side, so you never have to worry about missing the perfect shot.

One of the most popular straps out there today is the BlackRapid Sport Breathe strap. This excellent option offers an impressive combination of ease-of-access, comfort, and security, all at a fairly reasonable price. The BlackRapid Sport Breathe strap offers comfortable cross-body design so that your gear hangs down at your side.  This is the perfect placement for cameras since they’re out of your way when you’re moving but are easily accessible when you want to begin shooting.

The Sport Breathe simply attaches to your device’s tripod-mount, providing a secure grip that is capable of supporting even heavy full-frame DSLRS with large lens attachments. Plus, for added security and stability, this model offers a number of safety mechanisms such as spring-loaded bumpers that stop your camera from sliding up-and-down on the strap and an improved gate mechanism on the carabiner which prevents you from accidentally dropping your device.

With comfort in mind, BlackRapid designed this strap with a moisture-wicking fabric and breathable mesh material. This allows you to stay dry, cool, and comfortable even on the hottest days of the year. With a 4” shoulder pad, it’s very comfortable to rest this strap across your shoulder. And with the optional accessory of a CoupleR strap, you can even secure multiple cameras on your BlackRapid strap. At only $80, this option is a terrific, comfortable, secure alternative to the standard straps that come packaged with most models today.

What is the Best Backpack for a Hiking Camera?

When you first bought you’re new hiking camera, you might have thought lugging it around in a single-strap messenger bag or a regular Jansport backpack was going to be practical. But when you consider all of the other items you might want to take along with you during your hikers like alternate lenses, a tripod, water, snacks, and spare batteries, the last thing you want to do is dig around in your bag or hear everything clanking around all day.

That’s not even mentioning that a basic messenger bag or backpack wasn’t designed for grueling hikes. They don’t offer the right support and, after a while, your shoulders and back are going to start aching. But by purchasing a solid camera backpack that was specifically designed to store cam gear while distributing the weight across your waist and shoulders, you’re not only making your life easier, you’re making it more comfortable as well.

If it’s time to upgrade your carrying bag, one of the top hiking camera backpacks out there to store all of your gear and accessories is the Everyday Backpack by Peak Design. This bag costs around $250 but was built to withstand years of use and is capable of carrying tons of gear and equipment securely and comfortably. Designed with photographers in mind, the Everyday Backpack offers easy-access compartments, hidden pockets, and smart dividers that are perfect for carrying your camera, lenses, tripod, and batteries without everything just being thrown together.

It’s also made from weatherproof materials and sealed zippers that ensure your gear will be protected regardless of the weather. Four configurable external tension straps allow you to carry heavier gear outside of your backpack and, when not in use, they can easily be stowed away into the side pockets of the bag. Available in 20L and 30L sizes, the Everyday Backpack is perfect for any photographer. With comfortable shoulder straps and a waist strap that can be tucked away when not in use, it’s easy on your body and is perfect for even the most grueling hike.

Best Video Camera for Hiking

If you’re looking to take truly breathtaking, cinema-quality video while hiking then you need to purchase a camera with exceptional video capabilities. While there are some more compact alternatives such as models offered by GoPro, it’s hard to match the performance of a high-end full-frame DSLR camera. One of the top picks out there is the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. While a $3,000 model isn’t right for everyone’s budget, the 5D Mark IV is one of the most popular models on the market for a reason.

It’s simply capable of producing incredible results. With an expandable ISO range up to 102,400, the 5D Mark IV is perfect for working in any lighting condition. And with one of the best autofocus systems on the market, with a 61-point AF and 41 cross-points, and an impressive stabilization system, all of your videos will be fluid and smooth. And as far as video-quality goes, this premium option is a powerhouse. Capable of recording crystal clear, highly-detailed 4K video at 30 or 24p.

For people who don’t want to shell out $3,000 for a camera or want a model that is a bit easier to use, you can’t go wrong with the Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera. Simple to use, this point-and-shoot can withstand even the most demanding conditions. Waterproof, freeze proof, crushproof, dustproof, and featuring a lens that resists fog, this camera can be used anywhere. And at less than $500, it’s an affordable option for anyone on a budget.

Compact in size, the TG-5 is lightweight and easy to carry. But where it really shines is in its performance. Capable of recording 4K video with impressive results thanks to its large image sensor, excellent low-light performance, and noise reduction system, this model can stand toe-to-toe with many of its more expensive competitors. Plus, it offers one of the most impressive zooms in its class with a range of 25-100mm.


So if budget is no concern, the Canon 5D Mark IV is simply one of the most impressive filming gear for hiking that you can purchase. But if you are looking for an easy-to-use, compact, and more affordable model that throws in the added benefit of being completely weatherproof, the Olympus TG-5 is a great option for you. Both offer great versatility and high-quality 4K video performance that is perfect for capturing outdoor nature, landscape, and action videos.

Hiking has been shown to improve your wellbeing, and state – as described in this study. Bringing your camera along, to look back at happy memories is a good idea for avid hikers and backpackers – especially if you are travelling in a new country! There are also many other benefits to hiking – read them here.

Best Camera for Backpacking Europe

If you’re planning on travelling across Europe, the last thing you want to do is take up valuable backpack space with a bulky DSLR, lenses, and other photography gear. That’s why you want a camera that doesn’t only produce stunning images and video, but is also incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. That’s why the Ricoh GR II is one of the best options for anyone planning on backpacking through Europe for an extended period of time.

The GR II is the best point-and-shoot model for street photography. Since street and travel photography are remarkably similar, it’s easy to understand why the GR II is so perfect for taking photos of your travels. This compact offers a huge DSLR-sized APS-C image sensor that’s larger than any rival out there.

And with a solid f/2.8 maximum aperture and one of the best 28mm performances of any digital camera out there, it’s capable of capturing brilliant, high-resolution travel, cityscape, and landscape images. The GR-II also offers video recording at Full HD 1080p for exceptional film performance and thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily upload and share your latest images and videos from your smartphone while you’re on the go.

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10 Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $500 in 2022 Photography

10 Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $500 in 2022

If you’re on the market for a great but affordable digital camera, you can’t...

By Team @ ISITRATED.com
The Best Camera for YouTube in 2022 Photography

The Best Camera for YouTube in 2022

Whether you’re on your way to becoming a celebrity influencer or just looking for...

By Team @ ISITRATED.com
12 Best Lenses for Product Photography Photography

12 Best Lenses for Product Photography

As far as our senses go, sight is the most important. If a product...

By Team @ ISITRATED.com
10 Best Waterproof Cameras for 2022 Photography

10 Best Waterproof Cameras for 2022

There are a lot of waterproof cameras on the market. With such a large...

By Team @ ISITRATED.com
11 Best Film Cameras Still Available to Buy Photography

11 Best Film Cameras Still Available to Buy

If you think that traditional camera film is dead, you haven’t been paying attention....

By Team @ ISITRATED.com
10 Best Video Cameras in 2022 Photography

10 Best Video Cameras in 2022

A high-quality video camera used to be an exclusive privilege to professional cinematographers or...

By Team @ ISITRATED.com
10 Best Phone Tripods in 2022 Photography

10 Best Phone Tripods in 2022

Smartphones are an always evolving part of society, and they’ve invaded the lives of...

By Team @ ISITRATED.com
Best Lens for Canon T3i Photography

Best Lens for Canon T3i

Before we decide on the best lens for Canon T3i in 2022, we must...

By Team @ ISITRATED.com

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12 Best Watches Under $300 in 2022 Watches

12 Best Watches Under $300 in 2022

Watches under $300 aren’t usually anything to write home about. They can typically get...

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10 Best 1440p Monitors for Gaming Monitors

10 Best 1440p Monitors for Gaming

If you’re a serious gamer looking to upgrade from your current 1080p monitor, we’ve...

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10 Best Casio Watches in 2022 Watches

10 Best Casio Watches in 2022

Japanese manufacturer Casio has long been known for the quality and innovation of its...

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The Best eGPU for 2022 Graphic Cards

The Best eGPU for 2022

The graphics card on a computer was once seen as largely immutable. Along with...

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Best Ergonomic Keyboard for 2022 Keyboards

Best Ergonomic Keyboard for 2022

Ergonomic is a word that’s thrown around a lot in the world of keyboard...

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MVMT Watches for Women in 2022 Watches

MVMT Watches for Women in 2022

The Watch.  In today’s world, the watch is often considered an old school method...

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Gaming Headset with Best Mic Gaming

Gaming Headset with Best Mic

Looking for a gaming headset with the best microphone is no easy task. We know that...

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