Comparing Mobile CPU vs Desktop CPU

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. It is also known as a central processor, the main processor. Generally, when we heard the word CPU, it comes into our mind that it’s a computer processing unit but in this article, we are going to talk about Mobile CPU a desktop CPU. So, it is obvious that CPUs are not always the same. The type of CPU depends upon multiple important factors like;

1. In which device processor is installed, 

2. Different characteristics concerning performance, 

3. Power consumption or waste heat.

So in this article, you are going to have a clear view of mobile as well as desktop CPU and what are the main difference between them. First, let’s talk about CPUs although you can buy the best CPU for your build from Desktop Edge.

Desktop CPU?

Desktop CPU

CPU is the Central processor unit or just processor, is the brain of the computer that carries out all tasks. Desktop CPU is designed for desktops as the name suggests that. So in the desktop CPU, there is a minor role of;

1) Heat development 

2) And power consumption.

Advantage and disadvantages of desktop CPU:

Following are the point that gives us clear information about the desktop processor. So, desktop processing units have advantages as well as disadvantages. 

Advantage: On desktop CPU, there is considerable space for;

  • Fans and 
  • Cooling airflow.

Disadvantage: On desktop CPU, we always have to connect to power or electricity as there isn’t any battery runtime.

Overall we can say that the desktop processing unit gives;

1. High performance,

2. A bigger cache and,

3. More turbo.

What is a mobile CPU?

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Mobile CPU is the central processing unit of mobile that manages the important functions of the device just like desktop CPU.

For mobile CPU, efficiency has greater value over performance. You can get more knowledge from this knowledge base section. Mobile CPU consumes low power as compared to desktop CPU and there is the battery runtime too because of that we don’t need to connect with electricity continuously.


 As there isn’t much space for fans and cooling airflow, so mobile CPU shows less efficiency as compared to the desktop CPU. The reason is that high performance needs high energy, but in mobile high energy is not possible that’s why the performance score of mobile CPU is less than that of desktop CPU. But in this digital era, thanks to the newest technologies that we have a mobile processor that gives high performance too that are applicable for gaming and other high power consuming apps.

Comparison between Mobile and desktop CPU:

As CPUs were designed for desktops, so in mobile CPUs, there is a lot of important points that are not an issue for desktop CPUs.

Power efficiency:

 One of the main differences between these two processors is power efficiency. In mobile CPUs, power has more efficiency as compared to performance.

But in desktops, as there isn’t any power-saving device, performance has greater value overpower.

Fans and Cooling effect: 

The second main difference is of cooling airflow. In desktop processors, there are larger fans for cooling and hence they give high performance by consuming more heat. Mobile processors are just opposite to desktop CPU as there isn’t much space so low cooling airflow and hence low performance.

As we have talked about earlier that a desktop processor shows a high-performance score as compared to a mobile CPU because of cooling airflow space and heat consumption. Mobile CPUs have a lower speed than desktop processors. Here is the table in which you can differentiate between these two processor units.

TypesProcessormodelCoresClock RateGPUGPU clockTDP
DesktopIntel Core i57500T42.7 GHzHD 6201100 MHz35W
MobileIntel Core i77500U22.7 GHzHD 6201050 MHz15W

Final thoughts

From the above discussion, now we can differentiate between mobile and desktop CPUs in a matter of performance and power. Though it’s not applicable for every mobile processor. Some mobile CPUs are near-desktop processors in terms of performance.

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