The Correct Gaming Desk Setup for Prolonged Gameplay

The Correct Gaming Desk Setup for Prolonged Gameplay


Having a gaming desk with the perfect setup to cope with all of your needs including wire management, ergonomics and enough space to accommodate your gaming monitor, keyboard, mouse and computer is what a gamer is looking for.

Custom Gaming Desk

A true hard-core gamer needs the best gaming setup they can get and that includes their desk. You can design your desk to your specific needs such as what kind of gaming you like to do, for instance are you an Xbox gamer, a PS4 lover or do you sit for hours playing computer games. Designing your own custom desk to accommodate you type of gaming may be time consuming a hard work, but it will be well worth the effort.

Now that you have decided to design your own custom desk and not go out and buy one you need to consider what you are going to need room for on your desk, be it your computer, monitors, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, computer or console and more. You also need to consider how you are going to keep your gaming station neat and tidy, get those pesky wires out of the way and of course keep all of your stuff on the table and not rolling off onto the floor.

Let’s start with looking at what materials you should consider. Gaming stations need to be strong. They need to be able to hold the weight of multiple monitors, video game systems, sound systems, game rack and accessories as well as your computer and other peripherals if you have them. Now that you have decided on materials to use, you need to consider what your desktop should offer. Space. That is imperative as you are going to need quite a lot of it.

You will want to look at a reasonable depth too as if the desk is too shallow you will find yourself battling to use your keyboard and mouse and will struggle to keep everything close to hand, width is lovely to have, but depth is paramount. A depth of around 2 meters will be about perfect. It can hold your monitor, keyboard and mouse and still give you a little wriggle room. You may be interested in our guide on what is the best gaming mouse to buy.

If you do not have too much space available and you are looking for something a little more slim line, you can always consider mounting your monitors on the wall behind the desk, which will free up space on the desktop itself. Monitors, these are the essence of your gaming experience no matter if you are a computer or console gamer. Apart from having the best resolution display how you arrange your monitors is the next most important aspect of your display setup.

Hard-core professional gamers often use gaming laptops to update their streaming videos and channels. Adding a laptop stand would suite these types. Having an ergonomic mount that will incline to a reasonable height and include USB ports for charging and of course a fan to keep your computer from overheating. Or you might consider a dual monitor mount.

These can hold not only your monitor but also your laptop or tablet. Finally you can add a little pizazz to your custom gaming desk by adding a LED poster box. This can also be mounted beside your desk and will look great with a poster of your favorite gaming character in a backlit frame.

Gaming Desk Setup Ideas

Setting up your gaming desk is very personal to the gamer. It would depend if you are a console or computer gamers. There are some basics when looking at your gaming desk setup and the most important is space. You need space for your computer, your console, your keyboard, and mouse and of course speakers. Consider multi layers or built in cabinets as well as wall mounted monitors to free up some space on your desktop itself.

Your display is the next important aspect of your setup. You need something that will allow you to get the full enjoyment out of your gaming session in regards visuals. Having the perfect resolution is key as well as having your monitors positioned for you to watch them without giving yourself a back or neck spasm. You will be glued to your monitors for hours on end, make it comfortable. Mounting them is good for two main reasons, you can have extra space on your desktop, and you can position them to suite the way you are sitting to ensure maximum comfort.

Comfort is also a key aspect of your computer desk setup, you need to have easy access to everything you may need, as well as being able to sit comfortably at your desk for hours. This often goes hand in hand with space as if your desk is cluttered you are going to have accidents and keep knocking things over, or getting irritated with not being able to move your mouse properly.

How to build a Gaming Computer Desk?

The first step in building a gaming computer desk is deciding what you need to desk to offer, and what you want your desk to look like. What materials you are looking to use is another decision you need to make, the material you use will influence the look you want it to have. If you are looking for old style, you could go for wood or if you are looking for modern, then ABS and metal might be a great option. Also consider how easy the materials are to work with and how expensive they are.

Lastly on the topic of materials, you will need something sturdy and strong that will not warp or flex as you are going to be putting a lot of heavy equipment on your gaming desk such as multiple monitors and the like. Next you need to design your desk. Take into consideration ergonomics for comfort as you are going to be sitting and playing or working at your desk for long hours and you need to be able to access everything easily.

Also consider making it easy to clean and maintain as you are probably going to eat and drink at the desk and accidents will happen. When designing your desk you must be aware of the amount of space it will take up in comparison to the amount of space you have available. Design it to suite your gaming area or room. If you have limited space, consider mounting your monitors and not using the desk to stand them on as this will allow for a slimmer size desk.

Perhaps you require something that can be easily moved or packed up, there are some great ideas for folding desks for easy storage as well as desks on wheels are something to consider. Get some great ideas on custom built gaming desks by surfing the Net and looking at Pinterest to give you some inspiration. Once you have a design and decided what materials you are going to be using, the next step is building your desk good luck and enjoy.


Your gaming desk setup must be the most comfortable you can make it as you are going to spend many hours sitting at the desk. Whether you build your own custom desk or buy one like the DXRacer gaming desk, you need to get the one that suites your personal needs.

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