DXRacer Gaming Desk & Chair Review

DXRacer Gaming Desk & Chair Review

A gaming desk is one of the most important aspects of your gaming set up and the DXRacer is the perfect gaming desk to accommodate all your paraphernalia. Add to that the desk is the perfect companion to the DXRacer desk chair. Long gaming sessions have never been so comfortable.

DXRacer Desk Setup

Setting up your workspace is important. You need enough space to accommodate everything you need including your computer, screen, mouse ( see our gaming mouse reviews ) and keyboard along with all your other paraphernalia. Well the DXRacer desk setup is very accommodating in every aspect. First you will notice that the desk is extremely solid. It is built to stay where you put it without being too difficult to reposition should you want to do that.

It is made from high quality materials and it looks superb with wooden desk board which have glossy edges to give it a very trendy look. Thick plastic and a steel rod frame makes this a very solid stable desk that is also very eye-catching.

A fantastic feature of the DXRacer desk setup is its shape. The Angle of Attack offers an ergonomic 10 degree slope for you to rest your forearms on giving them excellent support and preventing fatigue as well as helping to prevent back and neck pain. Click here to read our complete guide on the best gaming computer desk options of this year.

Then there is the space. What you get with the DXRacer desk setup is a whole lot of space. There is enough space for your gaming monitor speakers, keyboard, mouse and other paraphilia as well as that glass of water or cola. With all of this on your desk, there is still a few more inches left for you not feel as if your desk is cramped or overfill.

Wire management is taken care with two large holes at the back to accommodate your speaker wires and then you have two more gaps in the middle to get those monitor, mouse and keyboard wires out of sight.

Finally you get trapezoid feet to make repositioning the desk easy and it is great for when you are assembling the desk, and raised sides to ensure that your goods remain on the desk and not end up on the floor by mistake.

That completes the setup of the DXRacer desk and as you can see, it is the perfect gaming desk for any hard-core gamer or for anybody who wants and fun funky desk to replace that old wooden desk that no longer suites the purpose.

DXRacer Desk Assembly

Assembling the DXRacer desk is really easy. It comes with comprehensive and clear instructions that are very easy to follow and in under an hour your desk will be ready to use. All parts are neatly packed in the box and well protected to prevent damage during shipping. You can get a step by step guide with videos on the DXRacer site.

DXRacer Desk Dimensions

The DXRacer desk dimension are as follows:

  • Desk height is 1m and its weight is 77.16 pounds, which is quite heavy but it is very sturdy.
  • The desk size is 31.5 inches x 47.30 inches x 13.5 inches.

DXRacer Desk Chair

The DXRacer gaming chair is a great desk chair that offers the best support, and ergonomic design to keep you sitting comfortably for many hours as well as being easy to clean and maintain. Sitting in front of your computer for long hours can be torture, the DXRacer alleviate that pain and allow you to enjoy longer, and more intense gaming sessions and keep you comfortable in front of your DXRacer gaming desk.

An extra high backrest which can support both neck and back it will relieve neck, back and shoulder pain and tension while sitting for long periods. It is also flexible and easy to adjust to suite your posture the best. Made from durable material and with high density cold cure foam filling, the chair is ultra-comfortable. It sports a tubular steel frame and nylon start base for stability.

The armrests are padded and adjustable to give you support when working at your desk or sitting back and resting or working on your tablet or other devices. Tilt the chair backwards while you relax and enjoy a breather between tasks or games. The DXRacer is height adjustable so it will fit with any desk you are sitting at, although the DXRacer gaming desk is its perfect companion.

With the chair you also get a free headrest pillow and lumbar pillow that is adjustable and removable if you don’t want to use it. Move the DXRacer around easily between desks or from room to room on its 2” caster wheels.The DXRacer is not the cheapest on the market but with all its great features you will not regret spending your hard earned money on it.


The DXRacer gaming desk is the next step in the evolution of gaming desks. Large enough to cope with all your equipment, ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort, quality materials and great wire management, as well as being fun and funky looking. The perfect companion to your DXRacer racing desk chair. 

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