Essential Accessories for a Comfortable PC Gaming Experience

Essential Accessories for a Comfortable PC Gaming Experience

You’ve bought or pieced together your brand new gaming rig and are ready to thrust yourself into visually stunning adventures. Your dual monitors are running, you have Steam booted up, and your tower is softly whirring as it pumps neon coolant through the complex series of pipes – but is that all you need for a comfortable PC gaming experience? Before you’re ready to enjoy your high-powered gaming, you should consider what tools will keep you from experiencing the aches and pains that come with sitting at a computer for hours.

The following list is a compilation of accessories and products that every PC gamer should own or consider owning. With them, you’ll be one step closer to a luxury video game experience worth bragging about.

Sizable Desk

It all starts with a place to game. Whereas console gamers can set up shop anywhere there is a television, PC gamers have to build their own oasis. And without a desk, it simply isn’t possible. The size of the desk you decide on will depend on the size of your tower and monitor, as well as all the little trinkets you may have as decoration.

Its size isn’t perfect, but the Eureka Ergonomic 43” gaming desk comes with a built-in cable management system and a longer mousepad. Coupled with a rolling computer tower stand, you’ll have the space for everything you need for a comfortable gaming experience.

Of course, bigger is sometimes better. Thermaltake offers an L-shaped corner desk that’s brimming with options. And for $1,500, the ToughDesk 500L Battlestation Gaming Desk should be ripe with things to tinker with. First and foremost, the desk has integrated RGB lighting with multiple display settings. To amplify your comfort, the desk can also be raised from 70cm to 110cm. Like the Eureka Ergonomic desk, Thermaltake created a smart cable management system to keep your desk looking clean.

Other possible options include:

Flexispot EN1B – See Price on Amazon
VariDesk Pro Plus – See Price on Amazon
E-Win 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk – See Price on Amazon

Gaming Chair

There is nothing that says you can’t pull up a folding chair and call it a day. But we’re here to maximize your comfort, and a cold metal chair simply isn’t doing that. A proper gaming chair will be adjustable, feature multiple points of support, typically offered in funky colors, and recline to a degree that makes napping between sessions possible.

A good gaming chair will set you back a few hundred, like Secretlab’s Titan Softweave $400-plus option. The Softweave features many of the standard features, like the built-in lumbar support. However, it’s simply built better than most models on the market. It also comes with temperature regulation, which comes in handy during those steamier months.

Another big name in the gaming chair scene is Respawn, and the Sidewinder is a simple but elegant option sure to keep you comfy. Respawn put ergonomics at the top of its list when designing the Sidewinder to provide a level of comfort all gamers deserve. Auto-adjusting tilt control, built-in lumbar support, and adjustable armrests are just a few features that make this a viable choice.

Other possible options include:

Office Master OM5 – See Price on Amazon
NeueChair – See Price on Amazon
Arozzi Verona Junior – See Price on Amazon

Ergonomic Mouse

Standard computer mice are a dime-a-dozen and can run as low as $10. The question you have to ask is whether they’re comfortable (and functional) enough for gaming. Chances are, they aren’t. For PC gaming, you want to look into an ergonomic mouse, which is specifically designed to contour to the human hand. These often tout longer playtimes, little-to-no cramping, and a bevy of customizable macros.

Logitech has a host of different ergonomic mice, from the MX Ergo to the 4,000 DPI MX Vertical. The Ergo is a bulkier design that features a trackball and an adjustable tilt up to a 20-degree angle for a more natural hold. The Verticle is definitely something that will take some time to get used to. Once you do, you’ll enjoy gaming with the common aches and pains around your wrist.

If you like the vertical design of the MX Verticle but don’t like the price tag, Anker has a 2.4G ergonomic mouse to take its place. With the drastic drop in price, however, you do sacrifice with a DPI that only reaches 1,600.

Other possible options include:

J-Tech Digital Mouse – See Price on Amazon
Logitech MX Master 2S – See Price on Amazon
Evoluent VerticalMouse C – See Price on Amazon

Cushioned Headset

You could pop in your earbuds and call it a day, but how much are those going to hurt after an hour-long gaming session? We recommend tossing the earbuds aside and setting down your one-ear headset. Instead, treat yourself to a cushiony experience where your ears are encapsulated by two pillowy clouds.

Blending comfort with functionality, Logitech released the G Pro X Wireless headset. It’s a simple-looking wireless headset boasting crystal clear sound, a durable build, and, most importantly, a comfortable headband and earpieces. The drawback? It is expensive, and you shouldn’t expect much from the mic.

Taking it a step further than Logitech is the Astro A50 Wireless, a costly headset with a superbly comfortable design. Though it could do without the square design, the A50 more than makes up for its appearance with 5.8GHz, a separate USB charging station, Dolby Audio integration, and comfort all around.

Other possible options include:

SteelSeries Arctis Pro – See Price on Amazon
JBL Quantum 800 – See Price on Amazon
Razer Blackshark V2 – See Price on Amazon

Gamer Goo

I came across this unusual-sounding product on Twitter, and I’m glad I did. If you suffer from sweaty palms after an intense match, Gamer Goo is a worthwhile product to have on hand. Available in a variety of different scents, Gamer Goo smells nice while serving a functional purpose.

Between the natural oils on your hands and the sweat, you do quite a bit of damager to your mouse and keyboard. Gamer Goo reduces the presence of both, which can improve your game more than you know.

It’s inexpensive and worth a try if you find yourself missing shots because of your slippery hands.

Game in Intervals

While we all love the idea of buying our own comfort, the best way to keep yourself comfortable while gaming is to take breaks. No matter what you may buy to amplify your comfort, you should stand every hour or so and stretch your limbs to keep things circulating properly.

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