Gaming Headset with Best Mic

Gaming Headset with Best Mic

Looking for a gaming headset with the best microphone is no easy task. We know that when it comes to voice communications, your headset mic is the key component that stands between you and the performance of your team. If your voice communication is not clear, at the correct volume and suitably balanced, then your team mates will not hear you, and the resulting chaos is sure to cost you the game. So, how do you go about finding out if a specific gaming headset is actually any good or not?

Well, there are a few ways to determine the suitability of a specific microphone for your particular application, but these require that you already have the product in front of you so that you can go ahead and start to test. Instead, we will be relying on some of the best informational sources available to the entire internet, mainly being our product reviews!

Be sure to check out what we thought about each headset, as we went into great detail identifying the key features that you need to look out for when trying to decide if the gaming headset that you are after is indeed the right model for you and your intended purpose. There couldn’t be anything more annoying that a microphone that distorts and doesn’t sound clear to other members of your squad. This leads to lost commands and bad communication, leaving you vulnerable to attack.

Wireless Gaming Headsets

The best wireless gaming headset is only the best if you understand the features and functions that it brings to the table. There are a few metrics that make an excellent headset, and these are: range of wireless signal, quality of sound via wireless signal, comfort while wearing the best wireless headset, battery life of the best wireless headset, and overall sound management options, including hardware volume controls and software modification options. These modifications are primarily used by PC gamers, as computers offer a far greater customization experience for their users to adjust.

The wireless range of a wireless gaming headset should also include such benefits such as being able to transmit at a specific distance, transmit through walls (where necessary), transmit at full bitrate levels (not stripped down to a lower quality to increase transmission speeds). If the quality of the sound has been stripped down or affected then this will produce sounds and music that are not up to the original standards of the multimedia format that the listener or viewer has decided to watch in the first place.

Some wireless headsets rely on Bluetooth as a means of beaming the digital signal of your sound and voice controls through the air, which means that a PC gamer must ensure that they have the necessary Bluetooth dongle installed so that the device can communicate with the headset. Some wireless headsets have started to come with full wifi compatibility, meaning that there is no need for any wireless dongles that need to be plugged in or connected to make the wireless headset start to work in the first place.

This can be challenging in some situations when flexibility and interoperability are required, but this need not be an issue that stops you dead in your tracks. There are plenty of manufacturers that stipulate compatibility on their products, so you need never worry about buying a dud that is not compatible with your gaming setup.

Budget Gaming Headset

Buying a gaming headset on a budget used to mean sacrificing quality and style so that you could afford a gaming headset that was barely functional for gaming use. Luckily for us gamers though, things have changed dramatically. Gamers can now expect to purchase a gaming headset with full functionality such as 7.1 surround sound, wireless transmission, bass response and excellent sound reproduction, all for under the magical $100 mark.

This means that gamers can put more money into the business end of their gaming PC rig, opting for higher level components such as CPU and GPU, while not sacrificing on much quality in the audio department thanks to the cost savings of buying a budget friendly gaming headset. Console gamers need not feel left out either, as there is almost full compatibility with most modern gaming headsets in general, with the PS4 being able to detect and run USB headsets with no issues at all.

Making sure that the headset is comfortable to wear over gaming sessions that can last hours upon hours is of critical importance. Having to take unscheduled breaks because of an uncomfortable headband, or pair of ear cups is going to destroy your ability to stick with a match and ultimately come out on top. Instead, modern gamers are finding that the headsets that they are wearing are strong enough and loud enough to compete with the more expensive, premium headsets that are available on the market at present.

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones

Some of the best noise cancelling headphones in the world will have features that true gamers know and expect to see in every pair of headphone. These features include things like memory foam ear cups that are soft on the ear, making hours of playing both comfortable and enjoyable, while maintaining a great look and keeping sound intrusion down to a minimum. Another highly sought after feature is fully enclosed ear cups, which makes an impenetrable barrier around your ears, keeping unnecessary sound, noise and vibration away from your ears.

This creates a much more immersive gaming experience and is guaranteed to keep you smiling. Other important features for noise cancelling headphones is the actual speaker driver that has been built into the headset. The volume that your headphones can deliver is largely dependent on how powerful your speakers in the ear cups are, so never underestimate the importance of your headset’s speaker volume, especially when you really want to get only the best out of your gaming experience.

Noise cancellation and superior audio quality are the two most important components of any decent headset system, so you need to make sure that the headset of your choosing is the right one for the job. The best way to get all of the information that you need to get started on your journey of hardware discovery is by taking a look at our in depth and rather exhaustive review, then see what you think will work best for your hard core gaming requirements. It is here that you can decide if you need a wireless headset, a detachable microphone, or any other niche requirement that you have for your headset.

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Gaming Headset with Best Mic Gaming

Gaming Headset with Best Mic

Looking for a gaming headset with the best microphone is no easy task. We know that...

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