How to Change DPI on Mouse?

In this article, we are going to show you how to change DPI on mouse. PC mice have an indicator dot-per-second, also called a DPI. It measures the sensitivity of your mouse so that you can adjust the speed of your mouse cursor by changing how many pixels it shifts per second.

Your DPI is especially helpful when playing video games or using apps where you want your cursor to be accurate. It also makes the use of widescreen monitors and multiple screens much simpler.

What does Mouse DPI Means?

How to change DPI on mouse

The abbreviation DPI means Dots per inch. It’s a calculation used to indicate how many pixels the cursor will move as you move one inch. If your mouse has 1600 DPI, for instance, then shifting it exactly one inch (2.54 cm) would move the 1600 pixel cursor on your screen.

The more sensitive your mouse is, the higher your DPI is. Modern gaming mice, for example, have DPIs of up to 20000. This may sound unpleasant, but many individuals enjoy being able to shift the cursor faster using large or multiple displays.

Although most people are not worried regarding DPI, for those who play video games, it is something important. Many speculate about the perfect DPI setting to target precisely, especially in First Person Shooter (FPS) titles.

There are many ways to adjust your mouse DPI below, then assess your current DPI to remember what setting works best at all times.

How to Change Your Mouse DPI Settings?

To achieve higher or lower sensitivity, many individuals want to change their current DPI settings. You will gain greater comfort and better run your computer. Getting perfect sensitivity helps you to do things better and enjoy much more of your gaming experience.

Based on the type of mouse you possess, the method of adjusting your DPI varies. Office mice typically have no more than two keys, the left, and right mouse keys, although there are between 4 and 8 buttons for dedicated gaming mice.

Here is how you can change the DPI of a mouse:

Changing Mouse sensitivity in the Settings app

For mouse with no dedicated DPI key, this approach often applies. Fortunately, the creators of Windows did not forget about individuals using simpler computer mice and gave everybody the option of conveniently changing their mouse sensitivity

You can easily change your DPI using Windows Settings.

You can also use the Windows + I keyboard shortcut by clicking on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your screen to open the Start menu, then pick ‘Settings.’

  • Now click on the “Devices” title.
  • After that, go to the “Mouse” tab by using the left side panel
  • Click on the ‘Additional mouse options’ icon at the bottom of the page or the panel on the right.
  • Switch to the ‘Pointer Options’ tab using the Mouse Properties window’s header menu.
  • With the slider under ‘Motion,’ change the speed of your cursor.’ Moving the slider head to the left would make your cursor slower while moving it to the right would increase its pace.
  • As it is capable of messing up your DPI, we recommend turning off the “Enhance pointer precision” setting.
  • Now click on the OK button. You can see the shift in mouse speed immediately.

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Change Your DPI Settings on the Mouse

Most gaming mice have an on-the-fly key assigned to adjust the DPI. You can change the DPI between different presets no matter what software you’re using, which may or may not be adjustable depending on the mouse. Normally, the DPI button is placed below the scrolling wheel. Compared to the other keys, it is relatively small, and often even has the word ‘DPI’ written on it as well.

You can loop through the preset DPI settings, which progressively get higher and higher by pressing the button once. Instead of cycling, some mice can give two buttons to boost or decrease the DPI.

Not sure which button your DPI is responsible for? We recommend that you look for a box in which your mouse has arrived, usually with visual labels for each button on your mouse. You can also go online and start looking at the manufacturer’s website for your model.

We hope that this article would be helpful to change DPI on mice. Please note that DPI is flexible, you don’t really have to stick to one setting, make sure that various options are dedicated to different activities.

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