MVMT Gold Watches Review

MVMT Gold Watches Review

While some would say that watches are going the way of the horse and buggy, there is nothing more professional looking than a gold watch on the wrist of a man.  Even more impressive is choosing a traditional style watch that relies on hand movement for accuracy rather than a digital printout.  MVMT has developed a variety of watches that deserve a second look. Appealing to the consumers for its quality as well as its style this review seeks to highlight the many reason why purchasing a MVMT watch is a wise choice.

MVMT: At a Glance

Beginning its operations in 2013, MVMT is an upstart manufacturer of quality watches.  Its goal is to produce quality timepieces at a reasonable price while breaking the traditional model of business operations.  Using crowdfunding as its primary source of capital, the company operates in a global market and provides free shipping worldwide.  Based in Los Angeles, MVMT now offers a line of sunglasses and other accessories in addition to its watches. Collections include men’s and women’s watches and products come in a variety of colors and face designs.

Why purchase an MVMT Watch?

With its tagline of “Classic Style Meets Modern Design”, MVMT has invited customers to think of a watch as more than just a timepiece. An MVMT watch makes a statement – a statement about the wearer and his/her level of professionalism and style.  Watches, such as these,  are easier to use, operate anywhere, do not need constant recharging and are typically more accurate than digital display watches.  As a company, MVMT has gone above and beyond to fashion a quality product at a fair price and provide excellent customer service in a global market.

Our Top Rated MVMT Watches

Consider its Features

One might say a watch is a watch is a watch but MVMT has taken the time to incorporate quality features into each of its products. It is not just about the looks but also about the functionality of the product.


Depending on how the watch face is designed there may or may not be options to customize the band to your liking.  Linked bands are typically made of metal and may not always be interchangeable.  If they are too large for the write then removal of one or more links is necessary (typically through a jeweler). A broken linked band can mean an end to the watch. Mesh metal bands give the durability of metal with the flexibility of leather.   Leather bands come in a variety of colors and widths.  Watches with leather bands are interchangeable and generally more adjustable than metal style bands.


A typical watch battery will run about a year and can be replaced by visiting a jeweler.  Battery life does depend on the type of battery used and how often the watch’s special features are used.


MVMT offers more than just a 3 hand display with hour, minute and second hand.  Its collections include chronograph watches that can act as a stopwatch or timer, a Voyager watch that can keep dual time and a variety of sport watches.

A Few Examples


This stunning gold stainless steel watch with its striking black face makes a statement whether the wearer is in the boardroom or out for the evening.  As part of the Classic collection, it has a large 45mm face that is easily read and comes with a linked gold metal band that is interchangeable.  Its three hand Miyota quartz movement is battery powered and the hands are protected by a hardened mineral crystal.  In addition to being durable, the watch is water resistant.  The product comes in an imprinted box and has a 24 month limited warranty.


Part of the Voyager collection, this handsome gold stainless watch with its black dial and gold mesh band offer 24 hour time and dual time zone capabilities in addition to the traditional hour, minute and second hand display.  The 5 hand Miyota Quartz mechanism is battery powered and water resistant.  The watch face is 42mm wide and protected by a hardened mineral crystal.  The band (21mm)  is more adjustable than standard link bands and is interchangeable.  All hands, markers and dials are gold in color and contrast with the black dial for easy readability.  Like all MVMT products, this watch comes in an imprinted box and is shipped free of charge.


While the names may be similar, this watch could be the complete opposite of the first selection in this review  As part of the Chrono line, this black dial with its black leather band have only the gold trim in common with that more businesslike choice.  The model is more casual in appearance and understated.  The 6 hand Miyota Quartz movement is battery powered and protected by a hardened mineral crystal.  The contrast of gold hands against the stark black dial make this easy to read.  The Chrono line offers 24 hour time dial, 30 minute timer and 60 second timer in addition to the traditional hour, minute and second hand display.  The dial is larger (45mm) and is 11mm thick. The 22mm black band is made of 100% genuine leather and is adjustable and interchangeable.  The watch is also water resistant making it a good choice for the active outdoorsman.

Shipping, Warranties and Returns

As a part of the global marketing community that it has developed, MVMT offers free worldwide shipping and free returns for products over $50 USD.  It has a generous return policy and backs its watches with a 24 month limited warranty.  In addition to its own online store, the company has partnered with retailers such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macys and Amazon to provide greater access to its products.



  • Stylish
  • Affordable
  • Water Resistant
  • Durable
  • Changeable Bands
  • Various Styles


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