MVMT Voyager Watch Collection

MVMT Voyager Watch Collection

Since it was founded in 2013 through a crowdfunding campaign, MVMT Watches has been making some of the best watches on the market today. The main premise behind each watch in their collection is great style and functionality at an affordable price for everyone. The styling behind their watches is unique – a minimalist design that looks simple and sleek on your wrist. A watch that you can wear during the day at work or when you want to dress up your style at night.

MVMT has several watch collections to choose from. While each is designed with the MVMT brand in mind, they each have their own personality to match with yours. Dressy, sporty…casual or showy…MVMT makes sure there’s a watch for everyone. Their design team is always at work coming up with the next model in the collection.

One of the latest collections to the MVMT lineup is the Voyager series. With more than 10 watches in the collection, this is a favorite for men on the go.

Why the Voyager Is a Favorite

It’s easy to see why the Voyager collection is so popular. MVMT watches says the inspiration of this collection is their own love of adventure and travel. They want to be sure that no matter where you travel, and what you do, you have a timepiece that’s going to accurately tell the time. The Voyager is the first in the MVMT lineup to have a dual time zone – a great feature so you know what time it is here and around the world.

Voyager Features

The Voyager is a great size for the man who wants to make a statement without being too bold. The watch face is 42mm – not too big and not too small. It’s easy to read without being too large on your wrist. With an analog watch face and minimalist hands, the watch, no matter what model in the collection, looks subtle and sophisticated.

Another reason this watch is great for the active man who likes to travel is the hardened mineral crystal protecting the watch face. It can stand up to anything you throw at it. And the Voyager has a 10 ATM water resistance, so you can play with it near the water.

Interchangeable Watch Strap

For watch band choices, you won’t be disappointed. Leather, a mesh stainless steel, or a nylon NATO. With MVMT watches, all the bands are interchangeable, which means you can try out a new look every day…without buying a new watch.

Voyager Slate

One of the most popular watches in the series, the Voyager Slate has exceptional styling. It’s all about black on black, from the black watch face to the subdials and hands. The second hand on the Slate is a gunmetal tone, so it contrasts beautifully. The watch comes with a brushed black stainless steel mesh.

Voyager Outback

This is another favorite in the series, with its leather straps adding a ruggedness to the look. The Outback’s black watch face looks like it means business. This is the ideal watch for the man who works hard during the day and wants to play outside on the weekend.

Voyager Sterling

The Sterling is the one watch in the series that has a little more splash to it. The silver mesh strap goes great with anything you’re wearing. And the silver detailing on the watch face gives it an elegant look while still keeping with the minimalist look that MVMT is known for.

Voyager Rosewood

The Rosewood is a real gem of a watch with a unique look. The white dial is nicely housed in a rose gold case that looks extremely classy. The leather watch strap is a warm chocolate color, a great contrast to the rose gold. Of course, you can change the watch band for a different look, but MVMT has done a great job with the color combinations on the Rosewood so you might want to stick with its great look.

Other watches in the series include the Desert watch with its unique mauve coloring and the Graphite, with a rose gold tone against a charcoal watch face.

A Watch for Every Man

Since MVMT was created by Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante, they’ve made sure there’s a watch for everyone…without paying a fortune for a top quality timepiece. They have a wide collection of watches to choose from, with each watch in the collection bringing it’s unique and bold design to the styling. If you’re looking for a modern watch that still has a classic design.



  • Stylish
  • 42MM Case
  • Water Resistant
  • Durable
  • Various Styles
  • Miyota Quartz Movement


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