VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review

Introduction: What Are Standing Desks?

Standing desks are a variation of the typical seated desk, as the name implies. They have started to become more and more popular in recent times. This is because of recent studies that suggest a higher mortality rate for people who sit for prolonged periods of time.

Standing desks are built to be elevated at a specific person’s standing height. They can also be built as a sitting desk that can elevate to a standing height when desired. These kinds of standing desks are called adjustable height desks.

Adjustable height desks are often standalone desks. However, there are more tabletop options coming into the market, like this desk from Vivo which are designed to sit on an existing table or desk — they often look like a short little stand or hinged platform that can rise. They can also be attached to specially designed legs to assist it in elevating to a user’s standing height.

Effects On Health

As stated earlier, many studies exist that seem to indicate that sitting for prolonged periods of time may be detrimental to one’s health. This detriment can be lowered by regular exercise, but not negated.

The idea of a standing desk is to minimize the time spent sitting at a time. The risks of sitting do not translate to being stationary, yet standing.

Standing desks allow one to stretch, access greater freedom of movement, and encourage walking and fidgeting to facilitate exercise and blood flow.

Effects On Gaming

Gamers are well-known for their ability to get absorbed into their hobby. A gaming session needs to be deeply immersive and even a bit isolated for there to be true satisfaction in the experience.

In order for this to happen though, the gaming session must go on for some time. This is at least a few hours, though it isn’t uncommon for gaming sessions to last an entire day.

Immersion in gaming requires that all of your relevant senses — hearing, vision, and tactile responses be solely dedicated to the task before you. It requires you to ignore distractions. It demands immense focus, which is easiest to exert when sitting.

The results of this are people who spend extremely long periods of time sitting still with little to no movement or exercise. because they are so focused on gaming, they forget even to eat, bathe, or sleep. They certainly forget to take breaks and stretch their legs and muscles.

This can have a significant effect on their health as a result. Fortunately, there are standing desks that can serve as excellent gaming desks as well.

Gamers who are conscious about their health can buy an adjustable height desk so they can still focus on their gaming, but get the stretching and standing they need at periodic intervals.

VIVO Adjustable Height Standing Desk

A VIVO Adjustable Height Standing Desk is the perfect example of a gaming desk for a gamer who wants to balance his gaming needs while still being healthy.

As its name implies, it is an adjustable height desk that can sit on either a desk or supportive legs to give you multiple different arrangements. It is a versatile and spacious desk that packs many benefits:


The VIVO Adjustable Height Standing Desk is ergonomically designed, allowing you to use a gaming keyboard and mouse comfortably.

The desk is dual-layered, allowing for a number of natural hand rests and has the added benefit of allowing air to flow freely throughout your workstation.

And because it is a standing desk, you can use it while standing. This allows you to get blood flowing to the rest of your body to prevent muscle cramps and sleepy limbs.

Quick and Easy Transition

Converting the desk from one position to another is quick and seamless. It happens in one smooth motion, and won’t disturb objects resting on the desk thanks to its counterbalance tension.

There are two options for the transition action: a manual action, and a dual action gas spring force. With a single touch of the height locking mechanism, the desk will automatically convert from sitting to standing, and vice versa.

The transition can even handle multiple monitors and laptops resting on its surface without rattling or jostling them. This preserves your immersion into your gaming session and prevents your view from being distorted.

The transition applies to both upper and lower deck simultaneously, and in one motion. There is no rattle, nor displacement of the mouse, keyboard, monitor, or any accessories in the accessory slot on the upper deck.

Spacious and Accommodating

The VIVO Adjustable Height Standing Desk has two decks. The top one for the base model measures at 31.5” by 15.7”. This easily provides space for a dual monitor setup while at the same time being space efficient for a small room or office space.

The bottom deck for the same model measures 11.8” by 31.3”, easily holding both a gaming mouse and keyboard side by side. There is an even larger size available: 38” by 18” for the top deck and 37” by 12” for the lower deck.

Customizable, And Easy To Assemble

Assembly of the VIVO Adjustable Height Standing Desk is very minimal. In addition, it comes in two aforementioned sizes, for both a manual and automatic action.

It also comes in both a black fiberglass and wood finish. Its copious amount of desk space allows you to customize your desk in a number of different configurations and setups.

Finally, the VIVO adjustable Height Standing Desk can be purchased with specially designed legs that let the desk function as a complete desk.

This option is for buyers that don’t have an existing desk or table to use. There is also an option for a larger support stand that provides better support and stability during conversion, and accessories such as anti-fatigue standing pads and dual monitor clamps.


The VIVO Adjustable Height Standing Desk is a versatile and adaptable gaming desk for any serious gamer. It easily allows for dual monitor setup, multiple keyboard and mouse setup options, and quick and easy conversion from sitting to standing position.

It is perfect for gamers who tend to spend long periods of time sitting at once. The VIVO Adjustable Height Standing Desk is an excellent choice for gamers who feel the need to get up and stretch at regular intervals, yet don’t want to break their gaming immersion.



  • Ergonomic
  • Easy Transition
  • Spacious
  • Customizable
  • Easy to Assemble


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