What are Computer Cases Made of?

What are Computer Cases Made of?

Computer cases are made of various different materials. Steel and Aluminum are the most commonly used materials for computer cases however, the only limit on what you can use to build your case is your imagination, and of course the material must be strong enough to protect and support its internals.

Types of Computer Case

There are various different types of computer cases (full review guide on computer cases). The type and size of your computer case will depend on various form factors, such as the size of the motherboard, cooling system as well as how many slots and devices you are going to need. The most common of all types of cases are the tower cases. Tower cases can further be subdivided into three, full tower, mid tower, and mini tower.

Full tower cases are big with a height of more than 30” or 76cm. Because they are so large, they can accommodate 6 to 10 drive bays. Mid tower cases are the most popular and common of all the tower cases. These cases stand about 60cm high and will usually have 2 to 4 drive bays and about the same number of external bays to accommodate CV/DVD readers and the like.

The Mini Tower cases can only accommodate two or three maximum drive bays, they stand a mere 45cm high and this is often a problem as they have no expandability.Apart from the tower cases you also get Slim Line Cases and Small Form Factor Cases or SFF cases.

Slim Line Cases are cases that are tower cases that have been turned onto their sides so that they can accommodate a monitor on top of them. These are perfect for people who have limited space on their work desks. These are your desktop cases.

The SFF case or Small Form Factor case are custom designed cases and again they are designed to be accommodated in vary small areas, these are available in many different sizes and shapes and can be as big as book-sized, shoe box sized or in the shape of cubes. Then you get the custom designed cases that are designed and built by home builders, these can be any size or shape according to the builders needs or aesthetic sensibilities.

Computer Case Function

There are two main and basic functions for a computer case. Firstly it provides for a standard format for people to use to build their computers, and secondly it is there to protect your components and keep them cool. It is important to have a standardized case so that you can install different supplier’s components and know they will fit into your drive bays. The second important function of a computer case is to secure your components.

Keeping all of your components together in one place is also important. Here at ISITRATED.com, we found that cases will protect those delicate motherboards and other components keeping them dry and as dust free as possible. They also allow you to cool your computer more efficiently as they channel airflow through the computer to help prevent overheating which can seriously damage your components.

Computer case Definition and Function

A computer case is defined as the shell of your computer. It is what surrounds the components of your computer. Its function is to secure your internal components as well as being used to mount your motherboard, hard drives, CD drives and more. It is what is used to complete your computer build.

What are the basic form Factors for Computer Cases?

There are three basic form factors for computer cases. So what is form factor and why are they important. Well the form factor of your computer describes its size and capability of supporting certain internal components as well as its physical layout inside the case. There are three main form factors, the case, the power supply and the motherboard. Sometimes the case and the power supply come together but not always and also, there could be more than one power supply form factor to consider.

When buying a case you must ensure that all three of these main elements match or you will run into trouble when building your computer. Today some of the most popular case from factors are the ATX and NLS as well as microATX/SFX which are starting to take over the market for the lower end systems.

It is important to remember that these cases are not interchangeable. They all have their own distinctive shape and they will accommodate different motherboards. Some cases are designed however to handle both the Baby AT and the ATX motherboards.

4 types of Computer Cases

There are four types of computer cases on the market. The tower cases, desktop cases, portable cases and all-in-one cases. Tower cases come in a number of different sizes. The full tower, midi tower, and mini tower. The main difference between these different cases are the amount of drive bays they can support. The full tower being able to support multiple bays and the mini which can support at most three drive bays.

The full tower cases are the one of the most expensive on the market and the one that a lot of gamers will be using because it can handle large form factors. The next type of case the desktop case is basically a tower case that lies on its side to accommodate a monitor on top of it. These are designed for small work spaces where having a computer that does not take up much desk space is vital.

The portable case the case that you will find around your laptop, notebook or tablet PC. They are generally very lightweight so that they can be carried around easily. Lastly there is the all-in-one case. This case is extremely popular with Apple computers. It is very sleek and slim and looks extremely cool. The one negative about this type of case is if a component inside breaks, well then you will have to buy a whole new computer.


Computer cases are extremely important. When choosing the right one consider what it is made from, how big it is and can it accommodate all the components you require. Whether steel, aluminum or some other material they are a basic form factor that needs consideration when building any computer.

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