What is a Good CPU temp for Gaming?

Being a gaming geek, you might realize the importance of a cool working CPU. So if you are searching for a good CPU temp for gaming, we have brought some nice information for you. For the majority of our work and hobbies, the computer is now our go-to tool. Therefore, a troublesome computer might be a big problem for everyone.

Although many of us invest in the latest security tools to keep our machines free from viruses and malware, we sometimes ignore the condition of our PC’s CPU, the brain of the computer.

Much of the computer’s critical functions happen there. A very hot CPU is often due to a desktop computer’s internal problems, so testing its temperature is an absolute requirement for all computer, laptop, and notebook owners.

Regular Maintenance of the Gaming PC

It is indeed a fact that so many, especially most of us who played games back in the day when we knew almost nothing about computers, had to learn the hard way. And the big issue was almost certainly overheating whenever we had to face the nasty “blue screen of death.”

Today, it’s only normal to worry about your costly gaming machine’s well-being. The best way to say whether your PC’s CPU is unusually hot is to monitor component temperatures through built-in sensors.

Normal CPU Temperature

Intel core i9-9900K

At best, a standard CPU temperature is arbitrary as it varies from one supplier to another. Also, there are variations between models; therefore, it can be difficult to recognize a temp that better describes the optimal temperature for CPUs.

But computers, like any other machine, do best when they stay cool. So unless the temperature of the CPU does not exceed reasonable limits, you will find that when it stays cool, it performs its duties effectively.

An excellent method for testing if your CPU temp is running cool is ambient temperature measurement, which is often called room temperature.

Idle CPU Temp refers to your desktop computer’s temperature if you leave it idle. Typical idle PC temperature clocks between 30 and 40 degrees C, or between 86 and 104 ° F. Room temperature ranging about 22 to 24 degrees Celsius (71-75 degrees F) are considered natural CPU temperatures. If the device’s hardware runs higher than the ambient level at 10 degrees Celsius, it is still considered secure yet.

Conversely, if the temperature reaches about 80 degrees C (175 degrees F), then your machine’s load must be greatly reduced. It implies tasks that you execute on your computer; the temperature can be influenced by simple encoding tasks, applications, and gaming.

Please ensure you reduce the workload to get to a more optimal temp for the CPU.

What is a Good CPU Temp for Gaming?


A good CPU temp for Gaming would range between 70 and 80 degrees centigrade (158-176 ° F). Exceeding that limit should be taken seriously and needs to be checked. Most of the time, a gaming laptop can maintain such CPU temps on its own.

However, if it reaches that threshold, then efficient methods of cooling must be used to counteract it to maintain ideal CPU temps and prevent damages.

Furthermore, there are companies that’ve already made processors that can withstand higher temperatures (e.g., 110 degrees C). However, gaming is a practice that has a big influence on CPUs.

The i9 9900K is also recommended for gaming as it can withstand heavy loads, and the CPU temp will always hit an appropriate 79 to 80 degrees Celsius (174-176 ° F) for the Intel Core CPU design.

Contemporary CPU versions recommended for gaming like the AMD Ryzen have a protective feature that automatically shuts down the CPU as soon as it gets pretty hot, thus reducing the risk of damage.

After all, whether you own a beefed-up CPU, you need to track its temp periodically. A good way to do so is by applications from third parties; we will discuss it below.

CPU Temperature Monitoring Apps

Here are some of the recommended apps to monitor your CPU temps:


For gaming PCs, the HWMonitor is highly recommended. In real-time, it can monitor the CPU’s minimum and maximum temps plus its value.

The software will be able to keep track of fan speed, important hardware parts, and temperature. It may also analyze measures for other variables, such as clock speeds, etc.

For average users, functions can be a little confusing. Still, if you’re just after the CPU component, you can easily simplify irrelevant categories so that the other columns won’t have to be dealt with.


Easy but effective monitoring program providing real-time temperature, fan, and clock speeds of CPUs. It is available as a free download, and even if you don’t have NZXT components on your computer, you can use it. The software also helps users to change the clock speed.


The SpeedFan app gives its users manual control over their machine’s fan speed to keep the optimal CPU temperature. For computers fitted with air coolers, this is advised. It would help you keep the temp levels at what is a good temp for gaming as well.

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