What is a Good FPS Rate for Gaming?

If you are a gamer, you must be concerned with this question; what is a good FPS rate for gaming? Well, your frame rate is an important thing to know when preparing your ideal PC results. Technically referred to as Frames per second (or short, FPS), you calculate the number of images your PC will produce per second in your frame rate. So, you can see 50 frames per second if your PC hardware generates a frame rate of 50FPS at a given time.

More efficient hardware implies you get a higher picture rate, which means that you see more pictures on your computer every second. Your monitor’s refresh rate calculates the maximum number of images per second you can display, so you can display up to a maximum of 60FPS on a regular 60Hz screen. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get greater than 60FPS; it only means that you’re only going to see 60. The same goes for a 144Hz screen where up to 144FPS can be seen.

If the FPS is not good in your PC, then you might face some low graphics and jittery images while playing the game.

Brackets of FPS

If you’re fresh to all this FPS discussion, below, we’ll generally list what to expect from different frame rates under 60FPS. We don’t mention anything above 60FPS because it’s all smooth once you get past that park.

Well, as explained before, higher frame rates than 60 can be seen by the human eye despite some disbelief, and make for even smoother visuals than 60FPS, but it’s a nice-to-have privilege, and you won’t encounter stutter/lag if you don’t hit 144FPS on a 144Hz screen.

Let’s go through these types of brackets of FPS below:


At present, the highest value for frames there is. Although, on all computers, you cannot get 240FPS. There is also some high-speed hardware that can render and stream up to 240FPS. You’ll need 240Hz display monitors that can handle gaming with 240 FPS.


A certain kind of frame rate can only be seen on monitors with refresh rates from 120-165 Hz. Typically, a powerful high-end gaming PC is required to run challenging games with this type of output without any fall in configurations.

60 FPS (Best FPS Rate for Gaming)

What is a good fps rate for gaming

For most gaming PCs, this is the primary objective. On consoles, only the least challenging or better-optimized games will manage a steady 60 FPS, but in most games, the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X can target 60 FPS.

30 FPS

The output of consoles and best gaming PCs is generally targeted. Bear in mind, however, that serious stuttering at less than 20 FPS is only visible, so anything over 20 FPS can be considered playable.

However, bear in mind that it is simpler to push triple-digit framerates in less demanding games, which is precisely why monitors with high refresh rates are so common in the eSports scene.

Also, we must consider that there are some diminishing returns to consider when it comes to FPS. That is to say, while the difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS is easy to find, it is much harder to note the difference between 120 FPS and 240 FPS.

What is a Good FPS Rate for Gaming?

It is a difficult question to answer. Why? Because it all depends on who the gamer is and their preferences.

A player can prefer the highest frame rate because they are intrigued. Conversely, with only 30FPS gameplay, many gamers may be alright. However, you can’t pick the best of the four choices. Brief details about each type are given here, so you can determine which one is the best.


As we know, it is one of the highest possible frame rates for gaming. But you would only enjoy it if you have a 240HZ monitor. Or else, it isn’t worth this framerate. There is no noticeable difference between 120FPS and 240FPS, on top of that. So, if gamers can’t enjoy it, there is no point in high frame rates.

They must also be able to invest in the monitors to rejoice about all this. Therefore, only those who are committed to gaming would go that far.

120 FPS

It is far more dynamic and sensitive than 60 FPS. When it comes to online games, it can provide an essential edge. However, some people still enjoy the extra flexibility in single-player games, even if that means lowering some graphics settings.

60 FPS (Best FPS Rate for Gaming)

For most individuals, this is the perfect frame rate as the extra fluidity makes games more sensitive and can provide an overall more pleasant experience. Better for gaming where it is important to respond to animations, as well.

30 FPS

If you’re a single player, then that’s good enough. As we have said before, something over 20FPS is good enough and is placed in this category for gaming. But you can opt with 60FPS if you want to get great graphics and gaming experience. If you are enthusiastic about gaming and selective about graphics’ taste, you may want to use higher gaming frame rates.

Final Words

So the frame rate that you should target will depend mainly on your requirements and your spending. Even 30 FPS is very feasible and can potentially provide a more cinematic experience. However, most people would agree that 60 FPS is the perfect common way between reactivity and cost-effectiveness.

In the meantime, for intense multiplayer or just for individuals who like to have extra responsiveness in their single-player games, triple-digit frame rates are fantastic, even if it means lowering some graphics settings.

But having a 144 Hz or 240 Hz monitor means you could probably have to spend a little bit more on a display than you would if it were a standard 60 Hz screen. Although it may not necessarily be more costly if you need and can use the extra responsiveness they provide.

As you’ll see, a gamer can have various FPS likes and dislikes. Initially, you’ve got to check out different FPS games and determine which one you like.

You have to check the devices after that to make sure they are appropriate for the FPS you like. You can set up your game once this is completed, and start playing. We hope that now you have some idea of what is a good FPS rate for gaming and would be able to choose your next PC setup wisely.

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