What Is RAM Used For?

What is RAM used for? What is RAM in the Computer system? If these questions seem interesting to you, then we have brought simple answers for you today.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the hardware in a personal computer where the operating system (OS), application programs, and data are stored in current use so that the processor of the device can be accessed quickly. RAM is a computer’s main memory, and it is much swift to read and write from RAM than other storage devices, such as a hard disc drive (HDD), solid-state drive (SSD), or optical drive.

Whether it’s a desktop computer (running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux), a tablet or mobile, or even a special-purpose computer device (such as a smart TV), every computing device has RAM. Almost all devices often have a way to store data for longer-term access, as well. However, the job processes are performed in RAM.

What is RAM used for? What is RAM in Computer?

What Is RAM Used For

When the power goes off, RAM is temporary storage that goes down as well. So what actually the RAM does? It’s also very quick, which makes it perfect for stuff on which the machine is actively operating, such as applications that are currently running (such as the web browser in which you are reading this article) and the information on or with which those applications are operating.

RAM is way faster than a normal hard drive, roughly twenty to a hundred times faster. Due to its speed, RAM is used for the immediate processing of information. If you want to perform a particular task, computer operating systems load data into RAM from the hard disc to process it, such as organizing a spreadsheet or showing it on the screen.

Another advanced use of RAM is to allow much faster accessibility of previously accessed information. It takes a while to load when you first switch on your device and open some programs, such as PowerPoint presentations or YouTube. If you close a program and then relaunch it, though, the software will open almost immediately (unless your PC is performance-optimized). That’s because, instead of the hard disc, the app is loaded out of the slightly faster RAM.

RAM efficiency is all about speed-to-latency relationships. While the two are closely linked, in the way you might think, they’re not connected. At a fundamental level, latency refers to a time delay between entering a command and making the data accessible. Understanding RAM speed and latency can help you better pick the right RAM to mount as per your needs in your system.

What are the Types of RAM?

Yes, several types of RAMs exist! As with other types of computer hardware, scientists always seek to reduce energy usage while increasing speed and power. RAM has been around since the first days of computers, and it allowed enthusiasts to plug in chips one at a time in early microcomputing eras.

types of RAM

DDR4 is the most common type of RAM sold today, although older systems could use DDR3 or even DDR2. The numbers represent the RAM category, with a higher megahertz (MHz) rating providing faster speeds through higher bandwidth for each successive generation. Also, each generation has physical shifts, but they cannot be interchanged.

VRAM, or video RAM, is another common word, particularly in the field of video games. While once a stand-alone item of technology, VRAM is currently used on the graphics card to denote dedicated memory. It could also reference device memory for game consoles, but in any case, it has to do with memory specifically reserved for the GPU.

How much memory do I need?


The faster it runs, the more RAM a computing system has. You might have to update the hardware if your computer is old. Any open program (including Web browser tabs) utilizes RAM. You can run out — and the computer has to move stuff around on the hard disc when that happens, which slows down the system.

How much RAM do you require to have? It depends on the sort of job you are doing, how many tasks you’re doing at once, and how impatient you are. We still want our devices to react instantly, as with so many other sections of computing!

However, in most conditions, you need much less RAM than you do with hard disc space. Again, think about the desk for the actual office. The more screen space you have, the more bits of paper you can scatter around. But that doesn’t deter you from needing a very large file cabinet to hold all the files you’ve accumulated over time for the long term.

Around 25 years ago, you usually required more than 8 MB of RAM when popular hardware was based on Pentium CPUs, maybe 32 MB if you were a serious computer geek. That was enough for Microsoft Windows 95, Word’s first Windows versions, to run. On the other hand, a web browser with 10-20 open tabs will quickly consume more than 2200 MB nowadays.

Today, many lower-end computers have 4 GB memory, whereas higher-end (and therefore more costly) computers have 8 GB or 16 GB of standard RAM.

If you’re surfing the web, dealing with simple Office software, and probably dabbling a little in personal photo editing, you’ll need 4 GB of memory to work with.

Heavy tech enthusiasts or light gaming geeks can opt for an 8 GB RAM computer. Some functions, including serious gaming, video production, and programming, are inherently computing-intensive. “Enthusiast” users who never want to encounter slowdowns would need to be delighted with 16 + GB of RAM.

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