What is the Newest Batman Game?

If you are a Batman game lover, then you must always be curious about this question; what is the newest Batman game? Well, we have tried to come up with the latest news and information for you today.

Superhero movies have become a part of society right from the beginning. As children, you grow up watching their films and aspiring to become one. When you get older, games with superheroes become your favorite fairy-tale.

Superhero games were popular in the 2000s, but their popularity didn’t last. For some time, they would hang around and then get replaced by another gamer.

The Batman Arkham game made everything out of the void, though. It became incredibly popular that it managed to follow up with a number of similarly exciting franchises. Here’s a short rundown of the whole Batman series: Arkham, and how the sequels preceded one another. Also, we would discuss what the latest Batman Game is?

Batman: Arkham Asylum (August 2009)


Batman: Arkham Asylum became the series’ first-ever game. The game has been supported on different platforms, including Xbox360, Xbox One, Windows, macOS, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

The game was based on an orchestrated jailbreak by the Joker. He holds overall the facility leaving Batman with the other villains’ aid to restore order and fix the crisis.

The game is well performed with variations of basic yet exciting fighting accents and has several stealth parts integrated. Players can select from a wide range of available gadgets built to suit the various circumstances.

After his most popular adversary, the Joker is caught by the titular hero and taken to Arkham Asylum. It doesn’t take too long, as you would have thought before things start to go sour. Joker broke away, and soon after that, he gets hold of the facility with the aid of several other signature villains, and it is up to Batman to fix the crisis.

The player has quite a several gadgets at his disposal when it comes to overcoming certain battles, helping them to tackle any encounter from different angles. Besides, the Asylum’s environments are highly informative, and the numerous trophies and riddles left by Riddler make the location genuinely alive.

Batman: Arkham City (October 2011)


Batman followed on from Arkham Asylum’s success with The Arkham City. The sequel was released in October 2011 on gaming PCs and consoles.

Arkham City is a continuation of the activities taking place at the asylum. The asylum villains transform part of Gotham City into the city of Arkham. After catching Bruce Wayne and tossing him into Arkham City, Dr. Hugo Strange, the main protagonist, runs the city with the aid of gangs and armed mercenaries.

Most of the characters from Arkham Asylum make a return with the inclusion of some new ones, including Cat woman, in the Arkham City follow-up. The Cat woman’s role is playable at various game levels, which is a tremendous change since she’s quite mobile and can enter places that batman previously didn’t.

Batman, for his role, does have some new gadgets which you should try. No other essential improvements are made to the game, or the gameplay and controls are the same. You’ll also find that detailing isn’t the best, mostly because Arkham City is considerably larger than the asylum with more areas that need care.

The game had first been released in 2011 for the PS3, the Xbox 360, and Windows. In 2012, it was then updated to the Wii U and macOS. In 2016 a remastered version of the game was released for the PS4 and the Xbox One.

Batman: Arkham Origins (October 2013)


Arkham Origins was published two years after Arkham City. It was the third sequence in the Batman: Arkham Chronicles’ ongoing storyline.

As the game begins, it reveals highlights of Batman’s earlier years in his nightly duties as a young and reckless Bruce Wayne.

The game’s central villain, the Black Mask, is put off by Batman’s relentless interventions and places a $50 million bounty on Batman’s head. As a consequence, there are many trained assassins hot on Batman’s heels.

It must be noticed that the topic of this game feels more comfortable and engaging. The gameplay, though, does not deviate much from the initial releases. It’s a combination of war and stealth maneuvers along the way with puzzles, gadgets, and awards.

Since the game’s creators borrowed heavily from previous accomplishments, it has a staler feeling for Batman: Arkham Origins and gamers were a little tired of the same visuals and experience. The game didn’t look as big as its predecessors.

For PS3, Wii U, Windows, and Xbox 360, Arkham Origins has been released. The Mac OS game has not been remastered or ported.

Batman: Arkham Knight (June 2015)


The newest edition of the sequel, which didn’t go without a touch of controversy, is Arkham Knight. The game carries on from the sequel of Arkham City. It takes you from Arkham’s streets and Gotham’s streets.

The critical villains of the game are Scarecrow and Arkham. The first also acts as a batman’s dark reflection. At the height of the crime in Gotham City, Scarecrow’s fear gas evacuated a part of the city. This new update is made available to the evacuated Gotham City areas.

However, it did not seem that the game developers took any lessons from the substandard Batman: Arkham Origins output. Although a bit of streamlining and the Batmobile’s highly welcome inclusion, the gameplay stayed unchanged, making it simpler and enjoyable for fighting and transport.

Batmobile is added with its unskippable parts of the new addition, which will wear down on the player’s patience after a few repetitions.

The game has been developed for consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One, and Windows. However, due to poor results at launch, the Windows version was subject to criticism.

Batman: Arkham Underworld (July 2016) (The Newest Batman Game)


Batman: Arkham Underworld was a short-lived smartphone platform game that literally puts the player instead of all the other games in Gotham’s famous criminals’ shoes.

It was released for both iOS and Android in 2016. However, it was quickly taken out of both the App Store and the Play Store the following year.

Batman: Arkham VR: October 2016 (The Newest Batman Game)


Batman: Arkham VR is an action game in the timeline of the series set between Arkham City and Arkham Knight. However, it has no fighting, concentrating mostly on puzzles and discovery, following Batman’s investigation into Nightwing and Robin’s disappearances, both of whom were missing amid the events that happened in the second game in Arkham City.

The game was initially published as a title for PlayStation VR but was published in 2017 for Windows too.

Final Thoughts

While the sequel has faced some obstacles during its long run, claiming it’s been a success would be an understatement. It has provided both gamers and developers with years of fun and imagination. It has influenced the development of numerous spin-offs such as Batman: Arkham City Lockdown and other versions available for smartphones.

This Batman-inspired sequel has obviously outdone itself, considering the limited shelf life of superhero-inspired games. It is also commendable that the game was available on various platforms for a long time to make it more usable for the players. Probably soon, with a better theme and improved visuals and detail, there will be a follow-up.

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